Hi everyone! For the fourth year FairEntry is once again available. We strongly encourage you to pre-register. Help sheets are posted on our website - kiwanisogeecheefair.org - please read through these. If you do not see a class for your entry, enter it in Miscellaneous or call Deb Pease. Remember you have to create an invoice or your registration is not complete. This is even if there is no entry fee--the invoice will display $0.00 due.

Livestock folks--credit cards only . . . This guarantees your entries.

Please see our website for rules in each division and instructions on checking in at the fair.

Thanks--Remember, create an invoice!! Any questions call Deb Pease at 192.682.7824. for help. If no answer, please leave message.

Thanks You for your entries. We look forward to seeing you at the Fair!

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