Welcome to the Talbot County Fair exhibit registration website! For fair information, rules, and class lists, see the fair book at talbotcountyfair.org. After you have selected classes to enter, come back to this website to register your exhibits.

ONLY TALBOT COUNTY 4-H FAMILIES log in with 4-HONLINE accounts and register for 4-H classes (and open if dual registering livestock)

OPEN EXHIBITORS (THIS INCLUDES 4-H MEMBERS FROM OTHER COUNTIES AND DELAWARE) create FAIRENTRY accounts, log in, and register for open classes.

You may log out at any time and log in later to continue registering exhibits.

IMPORTANT: DON'T CLICK SUBMIT PAYMENT UNTIL AFTER YOU HAVE FINISHED REGISTERING THE EXHIBITS FOR EVERYONE IN YOUR FAMILY. If you hit submit too soon, your registration may be locked until you contact us and ask us to open it again.

If you have problems with registration, e-mail Tom Hutson at thutson@umd.edu or Bonnie Turley at bturley@umd.edu. You may also call 410-822-1244.

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