Welcome to FairEntry for the Goodhue County Fair! All fair exhibits are to be registered using this site. Registration will open on May 16th and close on July 9th.

Crafts and Fine Arts will be registered for separately this year - please check the premium book for where to register your project.

Cat and Pet classes are listed under the "Static (General Exhibit)" department. This includes "Non-Obedience Dog".

Horseless Horse, and Horse Related will also register under the "Static" department this year.

Cloverbud's will register in one spot this year - so you will not need to go to each Livestock Area to register a Cloverbud.

You will notice that there is "multi-entry" this year - this means you will be able to register for all "10" of your photography classes at once. This will also allow horse families to register into all classes at once as well. Hopefully this shortens the registration process for all.

Goat Families - if you wish to be eligible for premiums for the Costume Show - then you need to pre-register using FairEntry. If you do not register by the July 9th deadline, then you can still participate in the Costume Show but cannot receive the premium or ribbons for it.

Please refer to the 2019 Goodhue County 4-H County Fair Premium Book for rules, guidelines, exhibit suggestions, and schedules. Contact the Extension Office with any questions.

We look forward to seeing you at the fair!

Exhibitor and Staff sign-in