Welcome to LaMoure County 4-H Achievement Days!

Please log-in with the GREEN 4HOnline button and those credentials are the same!

Please make sure your youth are enrolled in the project areas in 4Honline that they intend to exhibit in. They will NOT be able to enroll an exhibit in a project area that they are not enrolled in through 4Honline.

Cloverbud exihibtors: You will enroll in the 68:Cloverbud Division. There are 6 classes under that division. You can enter 1-6 exhibits. In the Description text box, you should enter in the ND State Fair Department/Division and a detailed description of what the project is.

Descriptions: The description text box is for you to provide a detailed description of your exhibit so that county staff and ND State Fair staff know exactly what to look for upon check in and exhibition. For example, if you type in "bird house" we don't know which bird house is yours. If you type in "bird house with red tin roof, star shaped entrance, and turquoise walls." we will be able to see that bird house and attach the appropriate tag and awards.

If there are any questions throughout the entry process, call the office at 883-6080.

You will receive a confirmation email when you submit the exhibits. Make sure you enter all exhibits for your entire family before proceeding to "Payment" section. The payment section will have a zero balance but is required for us to assign premiums. Once you submit your exhibits, county staff will approve them. After approval, you will re-gain access to your account to make any edits or additions.

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