Welcome to Fair Entry Online for the 2019 Logan County 4-H Shows! Entries will be accepted from June 3 - June 28, 2019.

Please be sure you have looked over the 2019 Logan County 4-H Showbook to view exhibit options for 4-H project areas before you make entries LOGAN 4-H SHOWBOOK (click here)

Animal projects each have their own departments in Fair Entry - ALL OTHER PROJECTS you wish to enter will be found under "GENERAL PROJECTS".

To enter ANIMAL SCIENCE DISPLAY or MAKER exhibits, look under "General Projects". A FAQ sheet on the new MAKER exhibit option can be found by clicking here

Sample scoresheets for Foods/Home & Family day projects can be found on the State 4-H Website on their Member/Projects page - choose project you'd like to see and scroll to bottom of page for scoresheets: State 4-H Projects Page click here

Contact the Logan County 4-H Office at 732-8289 if you have questions!

Exhibitor and Staff sign-in