Calhoun County

4-H Exhibit Registration

Use this website to make your 4-H exhibit entries.

Registration Deadlines

  • May 1 Public Speaking
  • June 10 Summer Shows (non-livestock)
  • June 10 Unit 15 Horse Show
  • August 30 Calhoun County Fair Livestock Exhibits

Exhibit Dates

  • May 14 Public Speaking
  • June 22 General Projects
  • June 29 Unit 15 Horse Show
  • September 5-7 Calhoun County Fair Livestock Shows

COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURAL, CONSUMER & ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES University of Illinois | U.S. Department of Agriculture | Local Extension Councils Cooperating University of Illinois Extension provides equal opportunities in programs and employment. If you need a reasonable accommodation to attend, call the registration office.

Exhibitor and Staff sign-in