County Agent / Ag Teacher Roles: PLEASE READ

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NOTE: Each club should only have entries submitted by 1 user.

1. Register an Exhibitor

  • Click on “Register an Exhibitor”: All Exhibitors should be entered as New Exhibitors
  • Select “Individual”. At this time it will ask you to create a new exhibitor from scratch or select an existing person.
  • Enter First Name, Last Name and Grade– Use proper spelling and case since this will be used for many reports, labels, auction list, etc. Do not use all caps.
  • Click on “Continue”
  • Step 2: Enter Contact Info, then select “Continue”
  • Step 3: Address, then select “Continue”
  • Step 4: Social Security Number – this value is required per the rule book, then select “Continue”
  • Step 5: Questions, no questions are available, please click on “Continue”
  • Step 6: Review. Review data to ensure it’s correct. Edit if required, if not, select “Continue to Entries”

2. Create Entries

  • After selecting “Continue to Entries”, find your exhibitor and select “Add an Entry”
  • Choose a Department list (Species or YF) and press “select”.
  • Choose a Division list (real choices for Poultry and YF) and press “select”, then “choose”.
  • Choose a Class from the list (real choices for Turkey and YF) and press “select”.
  • Next screen will be “Step 1 of 2: Club/Chapter” Select a club for your exhibitor then select “Continue”.
  • Step 2 of 2: Animals – this screen is not required. Please select “continue”.
  • At this point you may “Add another Entry” for this same exhibitor or “Register another Exhibitor”.
    • Add another entry starts you over from section 2 of these instructions.
    • Register a new exhibitor takes you back to section 1 of these instructions.

For Creating Group Entries ONLY

  • In the ‘Last Name’, enter the Last Names of each Group Member separated by commas, add a first initial only if an important distinguisher (Smith, Miller, Doe, Jones) (This is what will be listed in the Auction Book).
  • For the First Name field, enter a single ‘1’. Note: total name length is limited in and may need to trim name list down for large groups)
  • Fill out the address, phone and email with the contact person’s info.
  • SSN is still REQUIRED. In this instance ONLY, please create a dummy SSN using 999-99-0001 and move up from there. A SSN will not be allowed to be used twice. Please keep all group projects using this format only.
  • Set the Age Division and Grade fields per the oldest group member.
  • Put the full name of the contact person in the Contact Name field.

3. Things to remember:

  • All fields are required. No junk data please, all fields must be reliable data (see notes below)
  • No exhibitors or parents should have knowledge of or access to this web page or your PW.
  • Phone format is 9 digits numbers only
  • You must secure the exhibitor's SSN number. SSNs are required to receive any payment from TCYS.

4. When done with all exhibitors, or for a periodic partial completion, select “Payment” from the navigation bar.

  • On this screen you will see all of your exhibitors in the “Summary” Tab. You may also click on “Detail” to see each exhibitor’s full list of entries to double check.
  • When confirmed, please select “Continue”
  • On the next tab “Step 2 of 3: Payment Method” please read the instructions to pay by check and then select “continue”.
  • You will see a screen with a warning note, ignore this since we are not accepting credit card payments through this tool by selecting “yes”.
  • Your total will show on the confirm screen. Please send this amount in a check format from your club to the TCYS office and press “Submit”.

5. Send/deliver the following completion packet to TCYS by 5pm on 11/1/17.

  • Copy of each exhibitor’s hard copy entry form.
  • Copy of the Club/Chapter entry summary form
  • A Single Club/Chapter check covering total fees for the Club/Chapter


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