Welcome to FairEntry! This site is designed to make enrolling exhibits in the Blaine County Fair easier than ever. Please use your Premium Book to help you enter your projects correctly. If you have any problems entering and/or you have questions at any point, please contact the Extension Office. We will be happy to help in any way we can. It is important that you read all instructions and sections. *Remember, this is still a new program in our county so not everything will be perfect. Let's learn together!

You will use your same 4HOnline log-in and password to access the FairEntry program. If you have forgotten it, use the “I forgot my password” option and a new temporary password will be emailed. You must be an active member in order to enter through this site. Open Class entries will not be completed on this site this year. you will ONLY be allowed to enter projects that you are currently enrolled in (by May 1st).

The FairEntry system is currently open for entries and will close on June 1st. Late registration will be allowed from June 2nd-June 8th with a $5 late fee PER project- However, all late registration will need to be submitted to the Extension office (hard copy) with the your late fee. NO ENTRIES will be accepted after 5 PM on Friday, June 8th.

When entering online, you will need to proceed all the way through to the payment feature and hit the “submit” button when you are done before we see any of your entries. When you begin this process, there will be a screen with an invoice. Please do not be alarmed by this. This online system is used by many states, and some of them do charge to exhibit projects, and/or use this program to collect all fair fees. For our purposes, the balance will be zero due, since at this point in time, we are not using FairEntry to collect fees. There are NO Additional Fees for using FairEntry, only the fair fees (listed in the Premium Book) that have been used in years prior. You will not need to enter a credit card because your fee amount is $0. However, you MUST complete this process and select the specific projects that you will exhibit at the fair. **All Fair entry fees will continue to be paid directly to your club and an invoice will be sent to your organizational leader with individual family totals.

If you are unsure if you will complete a project, it is better to register/enter it anyway.You can always scratch entries at any time, however after the final entry deadline you cannot add any further projects or exhibits.

NOTE: For Horse and Dog projects, be sure to talk to your project leader to make sure you have entered everything correctly. For all Market Animals, be sure to enter a market class AND a showmanship class. Remember, all animal projects can enter up to two (2) indoor exhibits related to the project (which will be interview judged on Thursday, and displayed in the 4-H Building for the duration of the fair). Any projects you are unable to enter through 4-H, can be entered in Open Class. Any Cloverbuds wanting to take an animal must do so through Open Class. Cloverbuds are NOT allowed to exhibit/show any animal through 4-H. Every project should have an "any other" option where you can take anything that is not already listed that relates to that project, along with an "Educational Display" (which is an exhibit that teaches the audience something about your project). If either of these options are missing online, please notify the Extension office right away so we can add them to the project.

Thank you!!

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