Welcome to the 139th St Louis County Fair!!

Fair Entry Program

This is the second time we are doing online entry! Please read all of the instructions before starting.

There is no cost for entering animals, so you can enter extra animals in case an animal has a problem and cannot be shown!

St. Louis County Fair has no entry fees! In certain animal divisions, there is a pen or stall fee. Horse stalling will only be done through this program.

There are limits to what & how many characters can be put into a cell, so if you do not understand or are not sure where to enter something go back to the instructions. Here is a short video for information on Fair Entry. For individuals Click Here for a short video. If you would like an electronic copy of the Exhibitors Guide click here You can also get help by calling the St. Louis County Fair office at 218-254-0024, or go to the Fair office (downstairs of the Chisholm City Hall) they will be able to help even if you do not have a computer. Please call first to make an appointment.

Let's have a great Fair!!

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