Welcome to 2024 4-H Clinton County Fair Season!

Please refer to our 4-H fair premium book for the General Rules of showing in the 4-H shows and to find out what classes you should be entering.

All the rules are the same as in the past years. Each member (showing animals) must bring two static exhibits to fair in order to be eligible to show.

You can find your premium book here: 2024 Clinton County Premium Book

Static Exhibit Judging/Drop-off Information

You will have static exhibit judging on Saturday, July 6th in the green 4-H building. You may do conference judging (1 on 1 with an evaluator) or you may drop projects off. If you should choose to do drop off you must fill out your card exhibit cards COMPLETELY. Your project will be judged on it's appearance/functionality and what is written on the card since you will not be present to answer questions.

Fair Pass Request Information

We are only able to sell 2 tickets per family. One for each parent, not other family members. You will need use the online registration form to register for passes. Remember members only receive tickets if they are 12 and over, except for the Tuesday. Each family must fill out the electronic pass request registration form provided by your educators.

Dairy Bar shifts will be assigned using the online events registration platform as well.

All Clubs are requested to please sign up for at least one dairy bar shift. Reminder that when you are working in the dairy bar you are required to have closed shoes (sneakers), hair up and a hat. No SHORT SHORTS, TANK TOPS OR INAPPROPRIATE THINGS ON YOUR SHIRTS. If you have club shirts that would be great to wear.

4-H Exhibitor and 4-H Staff Sign-In

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