Welcome Traverse County 4-H Families! Fair time is just around the corner. Use the link provided to help you along with the process of entering your projects on FairEntry. Please use the links provided to make this process as stress-free as possible.

Detailed Instructions for Family Registration

Video Instructions for Family Registration

1. To register to show livestock, general exhibits or demonstrations at the Traverse County Fair you must be enrolled in 4-H by May 15th, 2024.

2. All Livestock must have been ID'd through mn.4honline.com by the MN 4-H Deadline, except Poultry.

3. All exhibits must be registered through FairEntry. If you are not registered you won't qualify for higher than a blue ribbon and you won't be eligible for the State Fair.

The registration deadline is Friday, July 10

Link for Traverse County Premium Book https://z.umn.edu/TraverseCountyFairPremiumBook2024

Link for Traverse County Animal Science section


Link for Traverse County General Projects section


Our office is here to help any way that we can! Your success is our job!

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