July 20-August 4, 2024

Thank you for entering the 2024 Douglas County Fair & Rodeo! If you have any questions while entering, please do not hesitate to contact the Fair Office at fair@douglas.co.us or 720-733-6900 or the Extension Office at 720-733-6940.


By entering and participating in the Douglas County Fair & Rodeo, I, hereby grant permission to Douglas County to use my image, likeness, and voice in any video recordings, livestreams, photographs, or other media. I understand that my image and voice may be used in various contexts, including but not limited to: Broadcasts, Online platforms, Print materials, or Public presentations.

I waive any right to inspect or approve the finished product or its use. I also release Douglas County and its representatives from any claims, damages, or liabilities arising from using my image or voice.

By entering and participating in the Douglas County Fair & Rodeo, I acknowledge that I have read and understood the terms of this release and voluntarily agree to its provisions.


By agreeing to allow participation in this activity, you are acknowledging that you understand the potential risks of participation in this event and that you are releasing the event holders and sponsors from any liability related thereto in accordance with § 13-22-107, C.R.S.

The event holders and sponsors take great care to avoid any unnecessary risk to participants, but it is impossible to eliminate all risk or avoid all accidents. Working with live animals is inherently unpredictable and potentially dangerous. Reactions to strange sounds, surroundings, different handlers, and sudden movements cannot always be anticipated nor controlled. The handling of animals by other participants cannot always be anticipated nor controlled by the event holders or sponsors. Thus, there are always inherent risks to participation. Unforeseen circumstances can in rare circumstances result in serious injury and even possibly death.

Participation in this event is completely voluntary and by allowing participation you are acknowledging and agreeing to the following:

Assumption of Risk. I fully understand the risks associated with participating in or allowing participant to partake in this Event and that interacting with live animals is inherently unpredictable and potentially dangerous. Animal reactions to strange sounds, surroundings, different handlers to include participants, and sudden movements cannot always be anticipated nor controlled. Thus, participation involves risk of personal injury, but not limited to, skin lacerations, concussions, broken bones, muscle injuries, other serious injuries, or in extreme circumstances, death. By signing, I fully understand that these injuries may not only result from my or the participant’s own action, inactions or negligence, but also from the actions, inactions or negligence of others; and I voluntarily agree to assume all risks associated with participation in the Event, which may involve risk of personal injury including death, economic loss, property damage, or loss resulting from my or the participant’s own actions, inactions, or negligence; the unpredictability of animals; the actions, inactions, or negligence of others; and the condition of the facilities, equipment, or areas where the Event is being conducted.

Covenant Not to Sue. I agree that neither myself, the participant, any personal and legal representatives, heirs, successors, nor next of kin, individually or through a legal representative, will make any claim against Douglas County, Colorado, its present or former commissioners, officials, officers, directors, agents, employees, volunteers, or their respective successors, heirs and assigns for any injury, damage, death, or any other loss arising from or related to participation in the Event.

Release. The participant’s personal and legal representatives, heirs, successors, and next of kin, forever release, waive, discharge, relinquish and indemnify from any and all actions, causes of action, claims, charges, demands, losses, damages, costs, attorney’s fees, judgments, liens, indebtedness, and liabilities of every kind and character, whether known or unknown, including foreseen or unforeseen bodily injury and personal injuries and property damage that may be sustained by the participant in any way connected to, related to, or arising out of participant’s participation in the Event, regardless of any negligence of Douglas County.

Good Health. The participant is in good health and has no physical condition that would prevent participation in the Event or that would increase the risk of serious injury or death. I have had the opportunity to seek medical advice for any concerns I may have had regarding the participant’s health.

Statutory Limitation on Liability. I understand that under Colorado Law, equine professionals or equine activity sponsors are not liable for injury due to death of a participant in equine activities resulting from the inherent risk of equine activities, pursuant to § 13-21-119, Colorado Revised Statutes.

I have carefully read this Agreement and fully understand its contents. I am aware that I have given up substantial rights of the participant by signing the Agreement, and I am signing the Agreement voluntarily. There is no obligation to participate in this Event, but I desire to do so or to allow such participation. I certify that I am at least eighteen years of age and the participant or his/her parent/legal guardian as defined in § 19-1-103, C.R.S.

I HAVE READ THE ACKNOWLEDGMENT OF RISK & RELEASE OF LIABILITY STATEMENT and agree to assume all risk and release its sponsors and officials of all liability related to participation. I also give my permission for any sponsors and officials of the Douglas County Fair to obtain any necessary medical treatment for child.

WE HAVE READ AND AGREE TO ABIDE BY all rules in the Douglas County Fair & Rodeo Competition Rules book, the 4-H Code of Conduct, and the IAFE Code of Show Ring Ethics. http://www.douglascountyfairandrodeo.com/

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