Welcome to the new Exhibit registration program! We hope this new system will make registration a more smooth and simple process. If you need help with registration, please go here to watch a tutorial on how to get registered: https://vimeo.com/209918998

PLEASE NOTE: At some point during registration the system will navigate to a payment tab. THERE IS NO PAYMENT REQUIRED TO REGISTER EXHIBIT ENTRIES WITH THE FAIR. The total balance of your registration will always remain at $0.00, and you will not be asked for any credit card information.

FOR FAMILIES OR GROUPS: The system will ask for an account name when you begin registration. We suggest using something like "The ______ Family" or "_______ Senior Citizen Center," with your last name or organization being used to fill in the blank. All children or members of an organization can be registered together under one account, so there is no need to create an individual account for each person in a group.

More information about registration help can be found on our website at https://ironcountyfair.net/Exhibits

If you utilize the above resources and still have questions or concerns, please call the Fair office at (435) 477-8380.