July Qualifying Show Schedule

  • Saturday, July 6th - Showmanship, Medals Showmanship, Western Games
  • Sunday, July 7th - Showmanship, Harness Driving, Horseless, In Hand Performance, Ranch Horse, Small Equine In Hand, Sport Horse, Under Saddle Performance,

Entry Rules:

  • Pre-entry deadline is 9 PM on Sunday, June 30th.
  • Showmanship and Medals classes must be pre-entered.
  • Last day for a full refund and/or changes to medals and/or showmanship classes is Wednesday, July 3rd.
  • Post-entry cost is $10 per class (as opposed to $6 for pre-entry.)
  • No classes may be added after 10 AM on the day of the show.

4-H Exhibitor and 4-H Staff Sign-In

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