Welcome to Barnes County 4-H Achievement Days!

Barnes County members, please log in with the GREEN 4HOnline button and those credentials are the same!

Before registering - please confirm that youth are enrolled in the project area in 4Honline for the exhibit they plan to show.

Use the North Dakota State Fair book for class list reference: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ZJCtTwUyzyASRRGxYeJIc-6UNHSPh3Jm/view?usp=sharing

Barnes County specific class list reference: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1F_keJueB6s7kjCTMm1RiLdt6y4VpxV0b?usp=sharing

Static and animal submissions are final. No additions will be accepted on-site. Exhibits can switch class numbers within the same division but not between different divisions.

Descriptions: The description text box is for you to provide a detailed description of your exhibit so that county staff and ND State Fair staff know exactly what to look for upon check-in and exhibition. For example, if you type in "birdhouse" we don't know which birdhouse is yours. If you type in "birdhouse with a red tin roof, star-shaped entrance, and turquoise walls," we will be able to see that birdhouse and attach the appropriate tag and awards.

You will receive a confirmation email when you submit the exhibits. Ensure you enter all exhibits for your entire family before proceeding to the "Payment" section. The payment section will always have a zero charge. Once you submit your exhibits, county staff will approve them. After approval, you will re-gain access to your account to make any edits or additions prior to the deadline.

Please call the office if you need assistance, 701.845.8528 or email debra.l.hochhalter@ndsu.edu. Thank you!

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