Thank you for registering your exhibits for the 2023 Taylor County Fair. To register non-Livestock entries, follow these steps. Livestock entries must be registered one at a time.

1.Create an account OR sign into your account from the past. If there are multiple people in your family who intend to exhibit, you can register them all under a single account; you do not all need your own.

2.Register as an exhibitor. This is pretty straightforward; just fill in the boxes marked ‘required’ and keep hitting Continue.

3.Click the green button that says “Continue to Entries.”

4.Click “Add an Entry”

5.Select your department.

6.Select your division.

7.Select your class.

8.Review your entry.

9.Click “Create Entries.”

10.Add another entry OR

11.Register another exhibitor OR

12.Click “Continue to payment.” There are no fees for non-livestock entries but everyone has to complete this step.

13.Click “Continue”

14.Click “Submit”

During the registration process there is a question that asks for the exhibitor's age. This is only needed for members of the Jr. Livestock Association for use with showmanship classes.

While this may take you a few minutes before the fair it should make the check in process much faster. If you have questions, please contact the WVU Extension Service Taylor County Office at 304-265-3303.

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