WELCOME to 2023 Warrick County 4-H Fair Entry!!! Enter ALL projects and livestock classes that you plan to exhibit at Fair. Make sure to enter in the correct project/division/class. Make sure to include Showmanship. Entry grade is based on school enrollment grade as of January 1, 2023.

Fair Entry Deadlines: Get your projects enrolled on time

Enter on or before June 12th: Only these projects due - Citizenship, Creative Writing, Genealogy, Hay, Junior Leaders, Leadership and Scrapbooking. These projects are due in the Extension Office on or before June 20th by 6PM.

Enter on or before June 28th: All other projects not listed above and all animals.

Enter on or before July 10th: Garden

If you have any questions or need assistance, please call the Warrick County Extension Office 812-897-6100.

There are NO additional fees for Fair Entry.

4-H Exhibitor and 4-H Staff Sign-In

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