Welcome to the 2023 Middle Park Fair & Rodeo Fair Entry registration!

A few items to think about as you register your projects:

General Projects:
- Exhibit Day is Wednesday, July 19th starting at 8:30am.
- If you are unable to attend Exhibit Day please make arrangements with Kristi at the Extension Office prior to July 7th.
- In Fair Entry be sure to register for your Exhibit Day Interview(s) and then go back and register your Exhibit(s). You should have two entries for one general 4-H project (1 Exhibit and 1 Interview).
- The Grand County 4-H Shoot is Sunday, July 30th starting at 12pm at Crooked Creek in Granby. This year you can register for the County Shoot through Fair Entry. If you're in more than one discipline you'll have to register for each discipline separately.
- Supreme Exhibitor competitors will need to select an interview slot on Exhibit Day. There will be no other opportunity for the interview portion of Supreme Exhibitor. You will only need to schedule one interview even if you're competing in multiple species. Also, members need to make arrangements to come into the office and take the Supreme Exhibitor tests for each species they are competing in before July 28th.

Animal Projects:
-Showmanship is required for every species!
- Horse Project Members need to register for all the classes that you think you may compete in. There will not be a chance to register for a class at fair. It would be better to register now and then drop the class at fair. Reminder, you have to use a horse(s) that you registered by May 1st of this year.
- Dog Project Members be sure you know your level for obedience and rally. If you're not sure talk with Heather before registering.
- Livestock: be sure to register each animal for their species. If you decide to not bring an animal to fair that has been tagged in please let the office know.
-Breeding Animals: You should be able to register for the breeding classes in each species except poultry.
- Poultry: We are going to try something new this year and please only register for showmanship. We will enter meat and breeding classes once the birds arrive at fair.
- Rabbit: Please enter all of your classes with the exception of market. We will enter market classes at fair.

If you are unsure of what you need to do for registration please call the Grand County Extension Office for assistance. 970-724-3436.

We look forward to seeing you at the fair!

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