Welcome, and thank you for entering Open Class exhibits into the McLeod County Fair!

Before entering as an exhibitor, please review the listing of Rules in the Premium Book online. Printed books are available in the Fair Office or a few select banks throughout the county. Also be aware of any specific rules or guidelines that may be printed at the beginning of each specific department in the Premium Book and within classes of various departments. These rules will ensure your projects are entered correctly and will make for a smooth and quicker entry process on entry day!


ONLINE ENTRY begins on July 1st. Entries close at 11:59PM August 1st for Livestock, and remains open for Non-livestock entries until 11:59PM Saturday prior to the start of the fair.

PAPER ENTRY forms are available at the Fair Office or online. To allow for data entry and a quick, easy process for you on entry day, all paper entries should be received by August 1st.

(Date and Times ALL projects must arrive to the fair to be eligible for judging)

NOON - 7PM only (no late entries accepted)

Non-Livestock Exhibits are to be brought to the fairgrounds on TUESDAY, AUGUST 15TH. Entries are accepted from NOON - 7:00pm. No late entries accepted. Exhibits will be judged privately Tuesday evening or Wednesday and will be ready for public viewing when the fair opens, Thursday at 9:00am. There are no public fair events held Wednesday.

LIVESTOCK ENTRY: Barns will be open and ready for bedding down from NOON - 7PM Tuesday. NO ANIMALS ON SITE TUESDAY. Barns open for animal arrival starting at 9:00AM Wednesday. 4-H may require animals to arrive by a certain time on Wednesday - please check with 4-H for that information. All animals are required to be settled in place & ready for the public by 9:00AM THURSDAY, opening day of the fair. There are no fair events held Wednesday.

If you have any questions along the way, feel free to call or email the fair office for assistance. Phone: 320-587-2499 or Email: manager@mcleodcountyfair.com