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Register all entries for each exhibitor in the family before proceeding to the Payment section.

Each exhibitor should have entries for either Breeding Beef and/or Market Beef along with animal information to include breed, etc.

Be sure to click the "Submit" button when you have completed your entries. (Have you attached an animal to each steer or heifer class? If you do not know a tattoo or tag number, please enter NA for now.)

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Welcome to the 2023 Harvey County 4-H Spring Beef Show Registration

1. Show is "Blow and Show." No adhesive, glue, paint or powder products allowed.

2. Open to all Kansas 4-H and FFA members 7 as of Jan. 1, 2023 and not over 19 as of Jan. 1, 2023

3. Entry Fee is $14 per animal for out of county, $7 per animal for Harvey County 4-H/FFA members. Entries due March 22, 2023.

4. Late entry and day of show entry: FEES DOUBLE.

5. Breed classes for heifers and steers with a minimum of 3 head per breed. Market Heifers will have a separate class.

6. Registration papers are required.

7. Barn opens at 7 am show day, Heifers must check in by 9 am, Market animals weigh between 8:30 and 9:30 am.

8. Breed qualifications and classes will be based on state show rules.

9. Prizes will be awarded to all exhibitors.

10. Exhibitors must provide and clean up own bedding, stall area and by trailers.

11. In no event shall the sponsors or directors of this show be held responsible for any loss or damage to property, exhibitor or other persons while on the fairgrounds regardless of the cause. All diligence will be used to prevent loss or mishap.

12. The Harvey County Show Committee will make final interpretations on all rules.

13. Exhibitors must show their own animals. NO EXCEPTIONS.

14. The purpose of this show is to provide an educational experience for youth in the 4-H/FFA beef programs.

If you have questions please call Gail at 316-772-6129

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