Welcome to the Hancock County 4-H Fair Entry!

The fair will be held July 12-14

**Please NOTE important date changes**

The Horse Show will be held on June 24 at 1:00

Important: Please check the schedule in the fair book to verify your exhibit times.

DISCLAIMER: Show times and Dates are Tentative and Subject to change in order to accommodate guidelines related to COVID. As it gets closer to the actual fair date, we will make sure that dates and show times are conducive to follow guidelines as mandated by the Department of Public Health and Governors directives due to COVID. The current dates and times in the fairbook reflect process of years past and we hope to stick as closely as possible to this schedule, however, as we have all experienced this past year, times and mandates can change rapidly so we will wait till we get closer to the Hancock County 4-H Show before specific changes are modified in order to follow the requirements for face to face judging opportunities. Please look for these updates in your email and newsletters.

May 31st: Members must be registered for their 4-H fair classes in order to show at the fair.

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