2022 Boone County Fair Open Class Fair Entry System.

For Open Class Static Entries, submit all entries and payment in the FairEntry system here.

For the Open Swine Show on July 13, 2022 - submit animal entries in the FairEntry System. CASH ONLY payment of entry fees will be made on-site at the time of check-in.

Descriptions for Crossbred Classes:

  1. DARK CROSS – To classify as a dark cross, the animal must have black pigment & hair in the same location. Examples: black belted, white hog black spots, calico with black spots, white hog with a black head are all classified as Dark Cross.
  2. ALL OTHER CROSS- To classify as an all other cross, the animal must have white and non-black pigment. Examples: Red Belts, Red Roans, Blues & Blue Butts (including blues with black pigment on snout and toes)

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