Welcome to FairEntry for the 2023 Norman County Fair!

The fair registration deadline is Monday, June 12th. The system will lock itself and no entries will be accepted after 11:59 p.m. on Monday, June 12th.

New for 2023!

  1. There has been a "Multi-Add" feature added to Cloverbud, Dog, Horse, Llama - Alpaca, and Static departments. This feature will allow you to register in multiple static exhibits, for example, without having to continually go back and forth after one entry. For Dog, Horse, and Llama - Alpaca, this feature will allow you to register one animal for multiple classes. Example: You will be allowed to register your horse Flash in Barrel Race, Pole Weaving, Western Pleasure, and Ranch Horse Pleasure all at one time.
  2. There are some Classes you will need to choose a sub-class for before completing your registration. Example: You register for a Craft class and you must choose your age division in a sub-class.
  • Many updates have been made throughout this years premium book.-Please take note when registering and refer to the 2023 premium book that was sent out to you for exhibit suggestions and requirements.
    • For example: when registering for Corn, look for the Agronomy class and select the Corn subclass.
    • Many big changes and additions have been made to multiple divisions. Please refer to the 2023 premium book.
  • Project age divisions are based on grade completed as of June 1st, 2023.
  • Each exhibit/animal needs to be entered online using FairEntry by June 12th to avoid late registration. Late registrations for general exhibits can still be exhibited at County Fair, however we encourage you to register entries even if you don't necessarily exhibit them!

Thank you!