Welcome to the FairEntry Page for the East Baton Rouge Parish!

Please email Mr. Nick Uzee (nuzee@agcenter.lsu.edu) if you have any questions or issues when entering our show!

We agree to all terms, conditions, rules, regulations, requirements, ethics, policies, and laws in effect or hereafter adopted which are applicable to the LSU AgCenter District and State Livestock Shows. We understand and agree that any exhibitor, parent or guardian who commits, attempts to commit, or participates in the commission of any act or omission which gives an animal or exhibitor an unfair advantage over another animal or exhibitor, which endangers persons or animals, and/or which violates any terms, conditions, rules, regulations, requirements, ethics, or policies of the LSU AgCenter District and State Livestock Shows may result in an animal, exhibitor, parent or guardian being disqualified or declared ineligible, being banned from participating in future shows or events and/or being forbidden from entering or remaining on the premises. Potential criminal violations may be referred to an appropriate law enforcement agency.

We further understand and agree that if in the sole discretion of the LSU AgCenter substantial evidence exists that an animal has been tampered with, that animal may be declared ineligible. We have read, understand and agree to follow the LSU AgCenter Fact Sheet Bio Security and Reducing Livestock Disease Risk.

We acknowledge that our child may be photographed or videotaped at the parish, district, or state livestock shows to be used for educational or promotional purposes by the LSU AgCenter.

We hereby certify that all information contained in this entry is true and correct relative to each animal entered.

We understand and agree that we are responsible for our own animals’ health, safety and security while at a Livestock Show.

We understand that all entry payments are final and there are no refunds.

For an entry to be valid, it must be submitted and approved.

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