September 9-11, 2022

Registration Deadline: September 6, 2022

Location: Cottonwood Equine Center, 11CC Lane, Joliet, MT - https://cottonwoodequinecenter.com/

Questions about the event details, registration, or issues with Fair Entry? Contact Montana 4-H staff: 406.994.3501 or email Emma Tracy at emma.tracy1@montana.edu.


Show Schedule and Other Details: Please check this page as well as the Montana 4-H State Horse Show page (http://www.montana4h.org/programs/events/state_horse_show/index.html) regularly for any updates related to the State Horse Show. We will be posting the schedule, rules, and patterns shortly

Entry Cost: $75 per contestant (15% discount for 4-H’ers who participated in Horse Judging or Hippology Contests at Congress)

Required Forms: There are 3 required forms for exhibitors and horses which may be downloaded below

  1. Media Release Form (for each exhibitor)
  2. Medical Form (for each exhibitor)
  3. Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (for each horse)
***You must bring these completed forms to Check-In or email in advance to emma.tracy1@montana.edu in order to compete. Horses without a valid CVI will not be allowed on the premises***

Camping and Stall Fees: Can be purchased during registration. Questions, please email Elisa Henry at elisa.henry@montana.edu/ Spots and stalls are available on a first come first serve basis

  1. Stall Outdoor Covered or Uncovered: $15 per day*
  2. Indoor Stall: $25 per day*
  3. 24 RV hookups with water and electricity: $25 per day
  4. Dry camping is also available

*We will be collecting a $100 deposit for stalls (cash or check) upon arrival, the deposit will be returned once the stall has been cleaned and checked out at the end of the show

Important Rule Changes and Announcements for 2022 Montana 4-H State Horse Show

  1. All Level 1 riders will be allowed to use two hands All Level 1 is Walk/Trot
  2. All Level 1 riders will be allowed to use approved snaffle bits regardless of the age of the horse. Please refer to the Montana 4-H Horse Program : Bit Rules and Equipment Guide for approved tack http://montana4h.org/projects/animal_science/horse_docs/Updated%20Bit%20Guide%206_4_2019.pdf
  3. **New Classes for 2022** we will be offering Mini horse classes for Trail and Jumper in Hand as well as Level 1 Driving in hand. In order to enter either of these classes you need to be currently enrolled in the Mini Horse or Driving Self Determined Project
  4. This year we will be dividing all Rail and Trail classes by Level rather than age. If a certain Level has a wide range of ages, it will be at the discretion of the State Horse Show committee to split a class into further divisions
  5. Showmanship classes will still be divided by 4-H age, participants who wish to compete in Showmanship with a Mini Horse will be included with all other contestants
  6. We will be hosting a costume contest for all participants this year. Please consider registering for this fun event.
  7. Special Announcements for Level 7 Horsemanship classes
    1. We will not be allowing costumes this year for the Horsemanship classes, please consider entering the separate costume contest to show off your creative ability
    2. Please submit your written pattern and music when you check in
  8. Freestyle Reining contestants do not need to submit their patterns, but they do need to submit music upon check in
  9. We will be verifying all registrations with county agents to confirm participants have registered for the correct classes

Saturday Night BBQ: One BBQ ticket will be included with each exhibitor entry, additional BBQ tickets can be purchased when registration or by emailing Elisa Henry elisa.henry@montana.edu

How to Enter Classes in Fair Entry

1.Login Fair Entry, if it is your first time you will need to create a new login

  1. Classes are separated by divisions (Western, English, Showmanship, Equitation, etc.). There are also specific classes for Colt-to-Maturity/Green Horse projects (Western, English, etc.).

3.NOTE: You MUST select entries for specific classes (use the ADD ENTRY button) or your registration will not be processed!!

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