Dear all,

The Central District Livestock show is set for February 1-4, 2023. I am attaching the agenda for the show.

All shows will be show and go and at this time there will be no overnight housing available for animals. The only exception will be those exhibitors that show more than one species and those species are on back to back days.

All animals for the Central District show must be entered online at 2023 Central District Livestock Show - by December 19th. Rabbits and Poultry entries will be due January 9th and must be entered on the same online link. All exhibitors will need to be current 4-H members in 4-H online and all animals must have been validated in the 4-H online system.

Exhibitors are encouraged to sign up for premier exhibitor and showmanship online as well. There will only be one goat showmanship at District, so all goat exhibitors please sign up for market goat showmanship.

Exhibitors must pay entry fee online.:

All payments must be made at time of entry.

Entry fees are:

$10 per exhibitor for Beef, Dairy, Sheep Goats, and Swine.

$5 per exhibitor for Rabbit and Poultry

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