Hello! Thank you for your interest in exhibiting at the Kalkaska County Agricultural Fair this year!

Your first plan of action is to follow this link to look over the Exhibit Book, taking care to thoroughly read the info for exhibitors on pages 4-5. Next, search the various departments, divisions, and classes to see what you want to enter in the Exhibit Hall. Link to Book: https://tinyurl.com/KCAFExhibitBook22

Last year, we found the easiest way to enter online was to write down each number for the department/division/class you wish to enter. There is an entry form on the back page of the book if you've printed a copy of the book or simply use notebook paper. Example: I want to enter cupcakes so adult culinary arts are on page 11 and are Department 41. Division 6 is for cakes which includes cupcakes and class 13 is for the cupcakes themselves. So, make a note of 41-6-13 cupcakes. Do that with everything you want to enter.

Once you've decided what you are bringing to Fair, you will register your entries on this website. You will need to create an account if you don't have one from last year (4-H registrants may use that log-in for the still exhibits, too). After you've created your account, you will click on "entries" or "add an entry" which is by your name. A menu will pop up of all your department choices. So, to enter my cupcakes, I would click on 41, divisions will pop up so I'll click on 6. That will open up so click on "choose". It will take a few seconds but then the classes will come up. Choose class 13, cupcakes. It may help to have the book open in another tab while you are registering if you did not print it.

We look forward to another fantastic and successful Fair in Kalkaska County!

Our info line number is 231 714-4614.

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