Welcome to the FairEntry website where you will register your 4-H exhibits for the 2022 Steele County Fair. FairEntry is integrated with 4HOnline, which means you will be using your 4HOnline login to access FairEntry. All ACTIVE members, their contact information, and animal ID information are already uploaded. FairEntry is mobile friendly.

The website for fair registration is: https://steele-mn.fairentry.com

All exhibits must be entered in FairEntry by Friday, July 15 and all exhibits MUST be entered online! There are no paper forms so if you need help, be sure to call the Steele County Extension office at 507-444-7685. The online system will open at 8 a.m. on June 16th and close at 11:59 p.m. on July 15. Any entries after that must be completed by Extension staff and are considered late entries and will not qualify for special awards including State Fair trips.

Refer to these resources to help you through the registration process: the FairEntry User Guide with detailed instructions for registering exhibits, the instructional videos, and the 4-H section of the SCFF Exhibitor Guide (aka Premium Book). Please do not hesitate to contact the Extension office at 507-444-7685 if you have any questions or problems.


- Project classes are based on grade completed as of June 2022 Cloverbuds are youth who have completed grades K-2 as of June 2022.

- NOTE: FairEntry requires that after entering all your exhibits, you MUST complete the 'Payment' screens to complete your registration - your 'Payment' amount will be $0.00 because there is no fee for registering and showing 4-H exhibits so be sure to complete this step!

To get started registering, Click on 'Sign In with 4-HOnline' to the right.

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