Welcome to the 2022 I-81 Showdown

June 10th - 11th, 2022

Rockingham County Fairgrounds

Harrisonburg, VA

Judge: Chance Neff

Please read the information below carefully, before entering the entry system and beginning the entry process. If you have never used the FairEntry System before you can access a Tip Sheet HERE to assist you and answer any questions you might have or you can watch a short video here that walks you through creating and submitting entries.

  • The Show Rules and General Information is available at this link: Rules/General Info

    Each participant is responsible for reading, understanding, and following the rules for the show.

  • Show Schedule is available HERE

    • There will be classes for Market Goats and Market Lambs - Wethers and ewe/does will show together by weight.
    • There will be a VSC Futurity Class - one each for Goats and Lambs - ONLY Animals purchased through the 2022 VSC Futurity Show are eligible for this class.
    • All animals MUST have a Scrapie Identification Tag, and this tag is the ID that will be used to identify animals during check-in.
    • Pens will be available, but exhibitors are strongly encouraged to show off their trailer.
    • Pen and Trailer areas MUST be cleaned before leaving.
    • Show is open to all youth ages 21 and under (day of show)
  • The Show Committee reserves the right to dismiss any animal from the show, if deemed necessary (Examples: Fungus, Other Illness, Lameness, etc.).

  • Showmanship Classes will follow the Virginia Showmasters Circuit rules and Age Breaks.

    • Showmanship Age is determined as of September 30,2022
    • Exhibitors MUST show their own animal in Showmanship
    • 20 and 21 year old exhibitors are not eligible for Showmanship
  • When using the entry system:
    • For regular Goat/Lamb weight classes you will NOT be required to enter animal identification information during the entry process. Choose "I will specify animals Later", then, you will use the drop-down menu to indicate how many of that species you are entering. Identification will be collected during the check-in process, or can be changed during the check-in process.
    • If you wish to enter Scrapie Tag Information during the entry process, click on the blue "Add an Animal" button to the left of the screen.
    • For VSC Futurity Class Entries, be prepared to enter the animals official Scrapie Tag Number and Sex for eligibility verification prior to the show.
    • Do not forget to enter Showmanship during the entry process if you plan to show.
  • Entry Fees are $20/head for type classes ONLY
    • No Entry Fee for VSC Futurity Classes
    • No Entry Fee for Showmanship
    • Entry Fees will increase to $30/head on June 10th.
      • Entries must be submitted by midnight on Thursday, June 9th to avoid the fee increase.
    • Beginning Thursday, June 9th at 7:00 pm, all payments will be transitioned to CHECK made payable to I-81 Showdown. Checks in the full amount due for entry fees must be submitted at check-in.
    • No refunds for scratches.

    ***For Show Questions - Contact Debbie May at djmcallister22@gmail.com

***For Entry System/FairEntry Questions - Contact Katherine Carter at carterke@vt.edu

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