If there is more than 1 child being registered, be sure to add entries for all children before clicking submit. The Extension Office staff must approve the entries before the family can add any more; however, we will not approve entries over night or over the weekends. When registering exhibits in FairEntry, the process is not complete until you see the ‘thanks’ screen. You will receive an email with a list of all the exhibits you registered.

If you have questions on how to enter please refer to video on how to register.

Please refer to the State Fair book for a breakdown of classes and sub-classes: https://extension.sdstate.edu/south-dakota-4-h/competitions-state-fair/state-fair.

For clarification about County-only lots, please see the Supplement: Available in May at https://lincolncountysd.org/281/achievement-days.

Also please register for your state events at the following website prior to Aug. 9.


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