Get ready to Wrangle Up the Fun At the Fair! Please take a moment to read the notes below before starting your entries. If you have any questions, call the Fair Office at 283-2644 for help. Please Note: 4H and FFA entries are due July 15. Open Class entries are due July 22. See you at the fair!

Fair books are distributed to the following places: Sundance State Bank, Summit National Bank and Pinnacle Bank. All three libraries in the county will also have books. Using the fair book to help with your fair entries online will make the process go smoother, which makes for less stress on everyone. Call the Fair Office to get a copy if you cannot find one at the above locations, or find it online at

4-H and FFA: Please submit your paper entries to the Fair Office by 5:00 pm on July 15. Online entries are due July 15 by midnight.

Open Class: Entries are strongly encouraged to be submitted online. Paper entries are welcome and must be turned into the Fair Office by July 22 at 5:00 pm. Online entries are due by midnight on July 22.

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