Welcome to online registration for the

2022 Kent County Youth Fair - Through the Years!

Please register for your entries online. Some things of which to make note:

  • All entries must be in by midnight on June 15th.
  • When entering animals, please select "enter single animal" on the corresponding department page. Do not select a pen of animals.
  • We are not taking credit card payments at this time through this system. If you would like to pay by credit card, you may go to https://www.kcyf.org/online-entry/# . You may pay with credit card through this portal. We will only accept payments of $5 or more through Paypal. Payments made through Paypal that are less than $5 will be refunded and the invoice will not be marked paid. If you have two or more invoices, please combine them together on your Paypal submittal. Please be sure to reference your invoice number(s) when paying.
  • All entries must be paid for by check, cash or credit by the July 1st. Entries that are not paid in full by July 1st will be deleted and the exhibitor may resubmit under our late entry policy.
  • Late Entry Policy
    • Late entry requests must be submitted prior to the 2nd Wednesday of July.
    • Late entry requests submitted will be considered by the KCYF Board of Directors at the July Board meeting.
    • Upon approval by the board, exhibitors agree to the following:
      • A late entry fee of $100 for each exhibitor will be assessed.
      • Entry fees will be doubled for each class that the exhibitor enters late.
      • Late entry exhibitors forfeit their premiums.
      • Late entries must be paid in full within 24 hours of submission.
  • Entries that are missing information or submitted incorrectly will not be approved. You will receive an email stating why your entry has been declined so that you have the opportunity to correct the entry.
  • Each exhibitor is responsible for knowing and following the rules and regulations for the fair and each department listed in the printed fair book. The fair book can be downloaded at www.kcyf.org.
  • Please remember to press submit at the end of the entry process. If you do not press submit, the office will not receive your entries!

Thank you for participating in the Kent County Youth Fair!

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