Welcome to FairEntry for the 2021 Winona County Fair 4-H Exhibitors! This FairEntry system allows you to enter your fair projects and animal classes on this site! Select any of the classes/project areas you anticipate participating in to help us ensure there will be stall cards and exhibit cards for your family as well as to ensure accuracy of ribbon placings, show programs and premium checks.

This process is required to show at the Winona County Fair with full privileges.

Fair registration online; open May 1, 2021.

The fair registration deadline is May 31, 2021.

A copy of the 2021 Winona County Fair Premium Book can be found on the Winona County Extension website under Livestock ID & County Fair Info at: https://extension.umn.edu/local/winona

If you run into any problems, contact the Extension office at 507-457-6440 for assistance.

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