Thank you for registering for the 4-H Static Exhibits, 4-H Contests, 4-H Small Animal Shows, and 4-H and Open Horse Show.

1. Read all Montana State Fair policies and procedures and the Montana State Fair Premium Book before registering.

  • Paper copies of the 4-H portion of the Premium Book are available at the Extension Office.

2. The deadline for static entries, non-animal contests, and domestic animal shows is the last Friday in June, by 4:00 pm.

  • Please see Premium Book for Horse, Poultry, and Rabbit registration deadlines.

3. 4-H members must be enrolled in the project and level to enter except in divisions marked as open.

4. Members may exhibit only one entry in each class.

  • Entry tags will be provided by the Extension Office.

5. Exhibitors must have a W-9 form on file with the MSU Cascade County Extension Office to receive premiums.

  • W-9 forms are available at the MSU Cascade County Extension Office and within FairEntry. DO NOT upload W-9 forms to FairEntry or email them to the Extension Office. Only paper forms will be accepted.

Please email Allyssa at or call the MSU Cascade County Extension Office at 406-454-6980 with any questions about the FairEntry registration process.