Welcome to Marshall-Putnam 4-H Show registration.

There is a list of helpful hints below. Please read them before you begin your registration process. Please contact the Extension office if you have any questions about your fair registration. 309 364-2356. Registration will close at midnight on June 18, 2021

Fair Entry Helpful Hints

1. Fair Entry will be available May 18-June 18, 2021

2. Have the list of the projects the member is enrolled in.

Your leader has this for each member or you may log into your 4-H Online account

3. The “division” is the project category.

4. All levels of a project area will appear on the screen under the division.

5. Only select a class that coincides with the original project selected.

example: If you chose 4-H Cooking 101 as a project in the fall do not select 4-H Cooking 201, 301 or 401

6. A $0 invoice will be created, no payment required. Please complete all members of your family before you enter submit.

7. An email from Fair Entry will be sent to you to confirm your registration after it has been confirmed by our office.

8. Please feel free to call the office with any questions.309 364-2356

Exhibitor and Staff sign-in