Welcome to Boone County 4-H FairEntry!

Use FairEntry to sign up your entries (projects/animals - this includes Mini 4-H'ers) that you are bringing to the fair. If you are NOT bringing an exhibit any a project area, please enter in FairEntry as NO EXHIBIT. All projects you are enrolled in are to be entered in FairEntry.

When signing up, please select your grade as of January 1, 2021.

(Grade child just COMPLETED) If you have any questions, please contact 765-482-0750.

FairEntry Entry begins on June 21, 2021

FairEntry Deadline NON-Animal Projects is July 1, 2021.

FairEntry Deadline ANIMAL Projects is July 9, 2021

After the NON-Animal deadline, you will have 2 choices to complete REQUIRED FairEntry -

1. Come into the Extension Office prior to your project(s) judging day and enter.

2. Come to the Extension Office day of judging BEFORE project(s) can be submitted/judged and enter. Your exhibit tag will be printed for you to take for project to be excepted.

FairEntry Entry begins on June 21, 2021.

FairEntry NON-ANIMAL Projects DEADLINE is the July 1, 2021.

FairEntry ANIMAL Projects DEADLINE is July 9, 2021,

Purdue Extension - Boone Co 765-482-0750

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