Welcome to the Manistee 4-H Livestock Showcase and Auction 2020!

We're so happy you're here. Please read this section carefully for instructions.

BUYERS: The Main Auction is CLOSED. The Resale Auction will close at 5pm on August 22. ALL SALES FROM THIS AUCTION ARE FINAL. THERE WILL BE NO MORE RESALE. You will still be able to register as a buyer while the Auction is active. Proceeds from the Resale Auction go to the Manistee 4-H Livestock Council to provide continued livestock education and programming for 4-H youth in Manistee and Benzie Counties.

This short walk through video can help you through the buyer registration process or you can follow the directions from your buyer letter:


If you are prompted at Sign-In for Entries or Auctions, PLEASE SELECT AUCTIONS. If you select Entries you will be directed to participant registration, not the Auction. If you are directed to participant registration, contact the 4-H PC Ali Olson at olsonal8@msu.edu and she can fix it.

If you participated in a previous Auction on Fair Entry and already have an account, please email 4-H PC Ali Olson, she will have to add your account information to Manistee's Auction. You CANNOT do this yourself. It is a security feature of Fair Entry.


This is a State of Michigan Law, not a MSU or 4-H Rule. In the State of Michigan, if livestock is being Auctioned by weight, the live standing weight MUST be able to be confirmed by a certified USDA scale. To Auction by weight without this confirmation is considered to be fraud/misrepresentation by the seller in the eyes of the State. Therefore, animals this Auction of this year are being marketed and sold by the head.

If you are having difficulty logging in, please make sure you are using a laptop or desktop. Fair Entry does not work well with mobile devices. If problems persist, please contact the 4-H Program Coordinator, Ali Olson at olsonal8@msu.edu.

Congratulations to the Success of all our participants and Happy Bidding!

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