Registrations Deadline: Tuesday, June 22

** All registrations must be done in FairEntry - No paper forms accepted **

Follow the FairEntry Step-by-Step Instructions guide that has been provided to help assist you with this enrollment process. If you did not receive this guide you can contact us or find it online @

If you need additional assistance with your exhibit registrations please contact our office Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 4:30 pm @ (701) 628-2835, by email @, or schedule an in person training.

Website for Achievement Days Documents:


Make sure you entering your youth in the correct age division. Remember that this age is determine as of September 1, 2019 and broke down into THREE brackets:

Cloverbuds (ages 5-7), Junior (ages 8-12), and Senior (ages 13-18).

CLOVERBUDS (ages 5-7):

For STATIC Exhibits – Enter ALL exhibits under STATIC department and then CLOVERBUD division.

For LIVESTOCK Exhibits - Use the ND State Fair Book to determine division/class.

LIVESTOCK RECORD BOOKS: Remember to register your books on FairEntry. This year each exhibitor will be required to submit their livestock record books to the Extension Office by July 3rd. Please submit your record book by email ( or mail (PO Box 40, Stanley, ND 58784). If you are sending close to due date, please submit by email.


Make sure and choose the proper division you wish to enter in for exhibit.

If you are showing in a non-Commercial Division you MUST HAVE PROPER DOCUMENTATION. You will have to enter your registration # while registering your exhibit. These documents MUST be submitted to the Extension office by JUNE 22nd. If you cannot provide the proper documentation by the deadline your exhibit will automatically be placed in the COMMERCIAL division.


Do you wish to participate in the SHOWMANSHIP division with your livestock? Remember to register your exhibit SEPERATELY into this division. Just entering you animal will not successfully enter you into the Showmanship portion of the event. Choose the age division that is appropriate. (See age divisions above for more details)

** ALL Static & Livestock exhibits MUST have a detailed description. For livestock this includes breed, identification #, birthdate, etc.