It’s time to get ready for Virtual Chippewa County Fair….. welcome to the new online fair registration system.

You have used this site in the past to register your projects for fair. However this year you must have your project completed when you go in to register with fair entry. This is because you will upload your pictures and video when you register for your species. Fair Entry opens Monday, June 22nd, and will close Monday, July 20th at 11:59pm.

Our judging will take place over the same days as county fair was planned-July 29th to August 2nd. You will submit your projects via fair entry prior to these dates, and during the typical fair weekdays, our judges will go in and review your submissions, make comments, and place the projects accordingly. The entry limit this year is 15 projects in total. We implemented this in consideration of the judges time.

If you are submitting static projects here are some key points
  • Photos are required....the guides lay out exactly what we are looking for
  • Videos are optional...if you want to talk about your project and show it off in that way you may choose to upload a video as well (again guides show how to do this)

If you are submitting Livestock

  • Photos AND videos are required. Guides again offer examples of how to do this and what is expected
  • Horse, Dog, and Lama project status is not confirmed yet. We know some changes may be coming so please know some classes may be dropped.

Please read the rules and regulations in the premium book you received as well as individual guidelines for each project. Registration forms are due on line by11:59pm July 20th.


General suggestions are given with each project area. You will sign up by grade completed, so if you just finished 6th grade, sign up for grades 6 - 8. To exhibit three needlework pieces (example: a cross stitch, an embroidery item, and a hardanger item) you would record Needle Arts three times on your fair registration form, with a brief description of each.

Exhibitor and Staff sign-in

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