Welcome to the Tri-County 4-H Fair Entry registration website. Registration for 2020 will open at 8 am on July 11 and close at 9:00 p.m. on Friday, July 31. ABSOLUTELY NO ENTRIES ACCEPTED AFTER THAT TIME. During that time you will have access to your County Fair registrations any time you want, using your 4HOnline username and password (if you need to change your password you must do that at mt.4honline.com).

Remember to read through the registration help guide before you begin to familiarize yourself with the screens and language. If you run into problems your Extension Service Office is just a phone call or email away, Monday through Friday. The Fair Premium Book is available here and on the Powell County website under the Tri-County Fair link.

Families are encouraged to add ALL 4-H exhibitors and entries for their 4-H family members prior to clicking on the submit button. Once the submit button is clicked, you are locked out and cannot enter anything else until the exhibits have been approved by the Extension Office. If you are registering on the last day and hit submit before entering all the family's children, the other children will probably be out of luck for entering the Fair. After approval, you may enter more entries until the deadline.


Exhibitor and Staff sign-in