2020 Cumberland County 4-H Fair

General Project Show: Thursday, July 9

Livestock Fair: July 16-21, Cumberland County Fairgrounds

Welcome to the 2020 Cumberland County 4-H fair entry site! The deadline to enroll your entries is Monday, June 1. Be sure to have all your projects entered by this date. Fair Entry will close after June 1 and you will not be able to enter the site. Please be sure to enter all the projects you would like to show at the fair. If you are not registered, you will not be able to register the day of the fair.

Members are only eligible to exhibit a project at the 4-H Show if they were enrolled in that project area through 4-H Online by May 1. Please read your handbook for class descriptions and limits before entering your project.

The 2020 Cumberland County Handbook can be found at: http://go.illinois.edu/cumbcohandbook

For questions, please contact the Extension Office at 849-3931 or email Jaylynn Maxey at jmaxey2@illinois.edu.

Exhibitor and Staff sign-in