2020 Indiana State Fair Exhibits and Events

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Exhibitor # Exhibitor Name Entry # Description Ribbon Placing Awards County Club
State Garden / Education (GE) / 81011: Educational Exhibit (GE)
203 Howard, Delaney 283 Orange Hamilton
1129 Walsh, Parker 1639 Blue Tipton
1265 Davis, Katelyn 1878 Red Perry
1446 Camm, Ariel 2131 Blue Harrison
1731 Fletcher, Jeff 2699 Blue Allen
1611 Lowder, Ainsley 2962 Herbs Orange Morgan
2070 Marek, Dylan 3188 Blue St. Joseph
433 Nyberg, Savanna 3203 I did my poster on catnip and my cat loves catnip, and catnaps. Haha. Blue Newton
2325 Miller, Kammy 3646 Poster on different garden diseases. Blue Wells
2575 Rigby, Olivia 4081 Beneficial Garden Insects: Blue Poster Blue DeKalb
3060 Allen, Chase 4809 Blue Fountain
3158 Brown, Alaina 5006 Red LaPorte
3018 Cole, Davis 5036 Blue Johnson
3191 Stallings, Evelyn 5266 5 Commonly Found Garden Insects poster Blue Warrick
3579 Wells, Lillian 6096 This is a power point of my two raised gardens. I decided to do this on a power point because since it is digital a poster would be smaller and harder to read. I decided to keep track of my gardens progress with photographs. Due to these reasons, I decided to do it on a power point. My parents and I decided to do raised gardens due to our trouble with animals and our soil. Our soil is not the best so we decided to raise our gardens and use different soil. This was a very educational and enjoyable experience as our past gardens didn't work very well. It was fun to watch the vegetables grow and then be able to eat the things you put so much effort into. Blue Bartholomew
3971 Fletcher, Jeff 6447 Blue Allen
4257 Barr, Sarah 6892 Blue Benton
887 Deel, Madelyn 7103 White Henry
5159 Conn, Olivia 8394 Red LaPorte
4713 Nesbitt, Haylee 8453 Orange Tippecanoe
5210 Johnson, Henry 8493 Orange Tippecanoe Tippe Town & Country
5387 Jones, Joshua 8744 Blue Gibson
5005 Loudermilk, Taylor 8850 Blue Jackson
5822 Breidenbaugh, Elli 9468 Blue Pike
6013 Holman, Kaylyn 9790 My poster is a about insects found in the garden and how to control them Blue Crothersville Helping Hoosiers 4-H Club
6032 davis, Koby 9799 Blue Crothersville Helping Hoosiers 4-H Club
6033 Sporleder, Payton 9800 Blue Crothersville Helping Hoosiers 4-H Club
5338 Stephenson, Taylor 9951 Red Washington
State Garden / Garden Collection (GC) / 82011: 3 Plate (GC)
128 Steiner, Kaden 207 cucumbers, tomatoes, zuccinni Red Vigo
547 Fleck, Brock 742 Blue Dubois Blue Ribbon 4-H Club
780 Beard, Lucas 1128 Blue Knox
781 Beard, Kaitlyn 1129 Blue Knox
801 Fry, Gabby 1161 Blue Daviess
1448 Abner, Olivia 2129 Orange Harrison
2309 Robbins, Reid 3593 My entry is of three vegetables: Blue Lake Bush Beans (Phaseolus vulgaris), Sungold cherry tomatoes (Lycopersicon esculentum), and zucchino rampicante with is aka tromboncino squash (Cucurbita moscata). Note: zucchino rampicante can be grown as a summer or winter squash. I am showing it here as a summer squash, which is best when picked between 16 and 24 inches. Orange Morgan
2325 Miller, Kammy 3644 Three plates of Yukon gold potatoes, black beauty zucchini, and sweet banana peppers. Blue Wells
2752 Blanton, Mackenzie 4360 Blue LaGrange
2951 Kulpinski, Stephen 4621 Blue Decatur
3018 Cole, Davis 5031 Blue Johnson
3018 Cole, Davis 5032 Blue Johnson
2304 Caldemeyer, Joseph 5405 Red Vanderburgh
3301 Caldemeyer, Matthew 5406 Red Vanderburgh
3330 Weaver, Gabriella 5418 3-plate collection of garden vegetables. Blue Howard Center Super Stars
3470 Adler, Alexa 5596 Blue Vanderburgh
3597 Weaver, Erica 5796 Blue Franklin
2189 Dreibelbis, Alex 5921 Blue Noble
3808 Perry, Breannen 6114 3 plate Collection of Tomatoes, Cauliflower, and Green Onions Blue Madison
3809 Perry, Jacey 6115 3 plate collection of Green Beans, Green Onions, and Tomatoes Blue Madison
3882 Mosier, Laken 6354 Blue Steuben
3957 Henderson, Haylee 6355 Red Steuben