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Exhibitor # Exhibitor Name Entry # Description Ribbon Placing Awards County Club
Communication / Educational Presentations / 11101: August 8, Morning
69 Ferrie, Daytona 62 Trombones Excellence Hamilton Clear Lake Sailors
62 Knoblock, Alex 66 Hiving Your First Bees Recognition Linn Wapsi Willoers
243 Rogne, Brelynne 289 Journaling Excellence Howard Space Age Farmers
466 Rozycki, Isaiah 573 Basics of Electricity Merit Story Happy Homebodies
477 Rethwisch, Nathan 591 Missing Malaysian Flight 370 Excellence Webster Elkhorn Earlybirds
487 Hess, Sasha 606 The Science of Laughter Merit Webster Washington Winners
695 Hancock, Arion 870 Educational Presentation on Homemade Energy Bites Excellence Marshall Marshalltown Trailblazers 4-H
696 Hancock, Saxon 871 Educational Presentation on the Rubik's cube Excellence Marshall Marshalltown Trailblazers 4-H
719 Sritharan, Aneisha 903 Standardized test scores Excellence Humboldt Corinth Red Stars
1104 Lorenzen, Emily 1464 Football Referees Excellence Bremer Tri-Rivers Trendsetters
1116 Kube, Wilken 1483 Yes, I solved it! History of the Rubik Cube Merit Hardin Ellis Jackson Ag Stars
1213 Drost, Abby 1607 The Life of Amelia Earhart Merit Mahaska Mahaska Masters
1018 Adam, Chance 1694 Combining My Two Passions Excellence Winneshiek Prairie Shooting Stars
1327 Mattes, Holly 1748 The history of Chincoteague Ponies Excellence Dallas Sugar Grove Sunshine
1330 Mattes, Paige 1750 Rabbit Therapy Excellence Dallas Sugar Grove Sunshine
1755 Sandvick, Abigail 3022 Educational Presentation "Basics of Bee Keeping" Excellence Tama Toledo Techs
2670 Mason, Megan 3842 Mapping Italy from Memory Recognition Black Hawk Cedar Falls Lucky Hawks
Communication / Educational Presentations / 11102: August 8, Afternoon
70 Ferrie, Jagger 63 ABC's of Success Excellence Hamilton Clear Lake Sailors
131 Bird Buffet 145 Bird Buffet Excellence Linn Wapsi Willoers
76 Adams, Kaleb 837 Angus EPD's and How to Read them Excellence Howard Saratoga 4-H
1198 Nolan, Alexandra 1581 Myotonic Goats Merit Mahaska Jefferson Go-Getters
1284 Schnoor, Lake 1700 Soil Reinforcement with Geotextiles Merit Jones Prairie Hill
1285 Schnoor, Mace 1702 Native Trees of Jones County Merit Jones Prairie Hill
1286 Ross, Caleb 1704 Hopping into Rabbits Merit Jones Be Original
1740 Hagen, Hannah 2288 When a Calf is Born Merit Allamakee 4-H Toppers
1951 Burke Girls 2603 Effects of Social Media Recognition Howard Howard Center Stars
1580 Peffers, Taryn 2639 Honeybees Merit Marion Lake Prairie
1107 Forsyth, Emma 3415 Kool Kreations Just for Kicks Excellence Franklin Journey Makers
1118 Forsyth, Ethan 3416 Iowa Government - It Belongs to You Excellence Franklin Journey Makers
2672 Nunez, Viviane 3666 Life in Brazil Excellence Black Hawk Cedar Falls Hustling Clovers
1619 Groos, Henry 3878 Fly Fishing Excellence Warren North River Limelighters
1674 McCoy, Conner 3896 Taco Bout It Merit Warren Carlisle Trail Blazers
3085 Scott, Naomi 4311 Presentation on Breeding for Kappa Casein Merit Fayette Harlan-Fremont
3089 Scott, Hannah 4316 Benefits and Disadvantages of Organic Dairy Farming Merit Fayette Harlan-Fremont
3371 Beisel, Makayla 4874 Bells Palsy Merit Wright Liberty Pathfinders
Communication / Educational Presentations / 11103: August 9, Morning
100 Buttjer, Hannah 105 Elephant Toothpaste Merit Butler Albion Dandy Dozen
103 Leerhoff, Casey 108 Chickens 101 Merit Butler East Butler Ramblers
392 Coates, Maylin 486 Grayson's Journey Recognition Delaware Prairie Clovers
393 Hutchinson, Brycelynn 487 Tack Up Your Horse Merit Delaware Prairie Livestock
394 Heims, Aleah 488 Why I Dance Merit Delaware Coffins Grove Guys And Gals
650 Stocks, Caleb 814 Jazz Excellence Delaware Aces
171 Ferrie, Ava 852 Ava, Get Your Gun Excellence Howard Space Age Farmers
885 Kuhse, Brody 1145 Up-cycling: Old to New Merit Bremer Tri-Rivers Trendsetters
1043 White, Kinsey 1699 How to Make a Candy Bouquet Merit Winneshiek Decorah Chiefs
1760 Mattson, Gabriel 2312 Arlington Excellence Allamakee Mississippi Mad Scientists
943 Buns, Kylie 2514 Mirror Etching is a fun way to improve hand-eye coordination and find a new way to overcome stress and improve patience! Merit Winnebago Grant Gleaners
1742 Keller, Eric 3016 Educational Presentation. Title is "The Impact of Malnutrition" Merit Tama Young Guns
2678 Knight, Lydia 3675 Serve Merit Black Hawk Cedar Falls Lucky Hawks
Communication / Educational Presentations / 11104: August 9, Afternoon
104 Reints, Brandt 109 How to Make a Fishing Line Merit Butler East Butler Ramblers
329 Smith, Grace 404 You Are A What? Talks about being a CNA. Electronic presentation Excellence Monona Mapleton Starspinners