2019 4-H at the Minnesota State Fair

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Exhibitor # Exhibitor Name Entry # Description Ribbon Placing Awards County Club
Public Presentations / Demonstrations / Individual Demonstration
160 Boone, Taylor 241 Demonstrate how to make homemade lemonade Purple Sherburne
232 Backes, Sara 339 Homemade lava lamp Red Winona
428 Shafer, Victoria 608 How to do counted cross-stitch. Blue Wright
526 Lyver, Maya 735 Poster with drawing of person in color as example of finished product. Also, white large drawing pad for demonstration on how to draw a person, using pencil. Red Wright Marysville Merrymakers
775 Wozney, Macy 1106 Steps on packing a first aid kit in order to be prepared for minor injuries Blue Wabasha Happy Ramblers
803 Vogel, Kendra 1142 Dispensing M & M's using a cup and bottle Red Kanabec Sharpshooters
808 Vogel, LaTia 1147 Button Sewing Blue Kanabec Sharpshooters
846 Goihl, Mara 1201 With an acronym CATT there are many ways to enhance leadership skills Blue Wabasha Gillford Golden Gophers
1305 Thorvilson, Ella 1855 Demonstration will show the audience how to make krumkake. I will mix the ingredients and make krumake during the demonstration. Red Polk North Star
1453 Peterson, Brennir 2081 I Scream, You Scream, We all Scream for Ice Cream Blue Sibley Blazin' West Stars
1527 Vrieze, Amelia 2170 How to hold & swing a bat, plus the proper batting stance. Red Olmsted Creative Clovers
1696 Biel, Kelsey 2434 Body Structure difference between dairy and beef and body condition scores Purple Fillmore Independent
1724 Grabau, Eve 2491 CPR Blue Fillmore Independent
1750 Lange, Hailey 2532 Reproductive system and how to palpate a rabbit Blue Fillmore Harmony Helping Hands
863 Leonard, Sidney 2836 Saving the bees - why bees are important Blue Wabasha
2052 Dostal, Julia 2921 How to Make "Slime" using glue, activator and foam beads Red Roseau Badger Pacers
2058 Hamann, Carter 2933 How to Fit A Dairy Goat for Show White Roseau Badger Pacers
2468 Arndt, Madison 3514 Differences in archery bows Purple Anoka Horizon Homeschool
2477 Arndt, Reece 3533 How I raise my free range chickens Red Anoka Horizon Homeschool
2504 Blair, Jordan 3592 Procedure for making easy strawberry freezer jam Blue Anoka Lamplighters
2652 Kirchner, Kaitlyn 3805 Demo on making a bean dip Purple Watonwan Fieldon Rustlers
2658 Kirchner, Kiera 3815 Demo on making cookies Blue Watonwan Fieldon Rustlers
2867 Peach, John 4135 Dehydrating food Blue Anoka Lamplighters
3317 Fisher, Skylar 4749 Demonstration on how to pole vault Red Nobles Indian Lakes Progressives
3416 Collette, Brooke 4872 Vegetable gardening - microgreens Blue Dakota Bright Stars 4-H Club
3431 Collette, Tyler 4896 How to retire with millions and rule of 72 for investing. Blue Dakota Bright Stars 4-H Club
3580 Wilts, Kellie 5102 Cover crops and the importance of using them for soil health Red Stevens Rendsville
3687 Suess, James 5260 Snack Attack -- How to make and after-school snack! Red Goodhue Zumbrota Busy Bees
3935 Gotham, Aidan 5641 Powerpoint of steps for streaming, then actual livestream OBS stream. Blue Dakota Eagan Encores 4-H Club
3941 Gotham, Andrew 5651 Going through how to format a unity program for a VR headset (Oculus Go). Blue Dakota Eagan Encores 4-H Club
4023 Newberg, John 5761 Taking beef, making burger, cooking on electric hot plate, finishing with fixings. Blue Dakota Bright Stars 4-H Club
4042 Carlson, Cael 5792 Dairy Showmanship tips Blue Kandiyohi Mamre MerryMakers
4043 Newberg, Savannah 5794 Explanation on how to help someone who has fainted, is having a seizure, or has some sort of sports injury, along with items in a first aid kit. Red Dakota Bright Stars 4-H Club
4073 Perrotti, Rosa 5842 How to make a balloon dog Red Goodhue Mazeppa Musketeers
4095 Nelson, Melissa 5879 Basics of composing music: I will teach the basics of composing music, including key and chords. Then I will explain how to get started composing on the website "noteflight." Ending with the finished product I wrote. Blue Carver Sugar City
4177 Trost, Josiah 6012 Making a bug net out of a pillowcase and tennis racquet. Blue Dakota Top Notchers 4-H Club
4179 Trost, Aaron 6013 Presentation explaining history of cars, how and engine works @ how the topic of cars relates to our relationship with God Blue Goodhue Cloverdale
4378 Liegl, Maxwell 6345 Perfect one-avocado guacamole! Red Washington Woodbury 4-H Club
4436 Showers, Adriel 6422 How to train a dog and why its important to do so Red Washington Soil Savers 4-H Club
4438 Showers, Jesiah 6426 Process of creating a new recipe to create smore cookies Blue Washington Soil Savers 4-H Club
4538 Gruber, Abagail 6575 Food Preservation - Freezing Green Beans Red McLeod McLeod County 4-H Riders
4539 Gruber, Alyssa 6577 English Riding = The Post Blue McLeod McLeod County 4-H Riders
4732 Zenk, Michelle 6861 Demonstration on how to make floral arrangements using different containers. Blue Murray Cameron
5158 Jurek, Janaya 7426 How to properly wear a helmet Red Carlton Rowdy Wranglers
Public Presentations / Demonstrations / Team Demonstration
213 Bendix, Emma 313 Bunny and Guinea Pig pet care Blue Ramsey
217 Bendix, Hazel 319 Bunny and Guinea Pig pet care demonstration Blue Ramsey
221 Bridges, Zy'Eria 330 Four youth will demonstrate how to make their favorite smoothie. Red Ramsey
242 Dorsey, Sanai 352 Four youth will demonstrate how to make their favorite smoothie. Red Ramsey
252 Moore, Adrianna 365 Four youth will demonstrate how to make their favorite smoothie. Red Ramsey
230 Cannon-Ross, Diamond 494 Four youth demonstrating how to make their favorite smoothie. Red Ramsey