2019 4-H at the Minnesota State Fair

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Exhibitor # Exhibitor Name Entry # Description Ribbon Placing Awards County Club
Beef / Market Beef / A081001: Steer - Shorthorn Plus, Registered
491 O'Sullivan, Matthew 685 Purple 1st Interview Finalist, Reserve Champion Shorthorn Plus Steer Wright
1752 Krog, Hannah 2707 Purple 1st Beef Showmanship Participant, Champion Shorthorn Plus Steer Lincoln
1962 Elbers, Whitney 2818 5th Beef Showmanship Participant Rock Blue Ribbon 4-H Club
2270 Bjornson, Cole 3242 3rd Lac qui Parle Garfield Pacers
2399 Christensen, Maddox 3404 3rd Beef Showmanship Participant Freeborn Conger 4-H Club
2904 Langseth, Dalton 4204 3rd Brown Burnstown/Brookville
3192 Bryan, Hudson 4577 4th Goodhue Vasa
3502 Hinkeldey, Nathan 5000 Purple 2nd Jackson Delafield Diggers
3508 Reese, Connor 5010 Purple 2nd Stevens Hodges
3527 Sleiter, Zachary 5033 6th Beef Showmanship Participant Stevens Darnen
3719 Gilbertson, Joshua 5302 4th Beltrami Deer Lake Flyers 4-H Club
Beef / Market Beef / A081002: Steer - Shorthorn, Registered
903 Fahey, William 1297 8th Beef Showmanship Participant Scott Helena Helpers
1064 Rose, Trenton 1517 Purple 1st Faribault Riverside
1204 Carlson, Ethan 1711 6th Redwood Golden Gophers
1534 Wendt, Paige 2176 5th Beef Showmanship Participant Olmsted Viola Victors
1914 Rootkie, Hallie 2758 3rd Beef Showmanship Participant, Interview Finalist, Reserve Champion Shorthorn Steer Pine Hooves and Hobbies 4-H Club
3047 Schoenbauer, Samantha 4373 4th Beef Showmanship Callback Carver Youngwood
3131 Habeck, Kelsey 4496 9th Beef Showmanship Participant Mille Lacs Swamp Stompers
3344 Ponto, Taylor 4782 7th Beef Showmanship Participant Nobles Okabena Bees
3382 Wieme, Katlyn 4821 Purple 2nd Beef Showmanship Callback, Champion Shorthorn Steer Lyon Tracy Comets
Beef / Market Beef / A081003: Steer - Charolais, Registered
238 Putzier, Mitchell 347 7th Winona
1016 Casper, Kevin 1446 9th Big Stone Toqua Troopers
1360 Winkelmann, Makenna 1929 5th Beef Showmanship Callback, Interview Champion Redwood Lamberton Leprechauns
1378 Reed, Victoria 1953 4th Beef Showmanship Participant Pope Busy Beavers
2483 Orban, Nathan 3550 Purple 2nd Reserve Champion Charolais Steer Freeborn Nunda 4-H Club
2609 Hecht, Payton 3745 6th Beef Showmanship Participant Stearns Cold Spring Flyers
4306 Herbers, Loretta 6215 8th Beef Showmanship Participant Washington Riverside Routers 4-H Club
4376 Revier, Andrew 6344 Purple 1st Beef Showmanship Callback, Champion Charolais Steer, Interview Champion Renville Birch Coulee
4793 Pankonin, Sydney 6952 Purple 3rd Beef Showmanship Callback Cottonwood Germantown Livewires
Beef / Market Beef / A081004: Steer - Limousin, Registered
296 Hohmann-Vaughan, Logan 433 3rd Winona
1883 Koester, Kira 2715 Purple 1st Beef Showmanship Participant, Champion Limousin Steer Otter Tail - East Henning Shining Lights
3472 Mortenson, Grace 4943 4th Beef Showmanship Participant Stevens Horton
3652 Endres, Abby 5215 2nd Beef Showmanship Participant, Reserve Champion Limousin Steer Dakota Top Notchers 4-H Club
Beef / Market Beef / A081005: Steer - Simmental, Registered
1126 Roble, Leah 1609 5th Beef Showmanship Participant Olmsted Nu Dimensions
1387 White, Serena 1965 7th Crow Wing Independent
1402 Bauer, Cole 1992 6th Beef Showmanship Participant Sibley Weeping Willows
1718 Fieseler, Keagan 2481 8th Fillmore Arendahl Hi-Flyers
2374 Dougherty, Carissa 3373 4th Beef Showmanship Participant, Interview Finalist Stearns Breezy Pines
2564 Allen, Mollie 3686 3rd Beef Showmanship Participant Dodge Canisteo Young Farmers
3512 Feine, Samantha 5015 Purple 1st Champion Simmental Steer Mower Racine Ramblers 4-H Club
4200 Werner, Hannah 6049 Purple 2nd Beef Showmanship Callback, Reserve Champion Simmental Steer Dakota Hampton B&B 4-H Club
Beef / Market Beef / A081006: Steer - Angus, Registered
118 Thorson, Wyatt 183 2nd Otter Tail - West
765 Goihl, Garrett 1091 4th Wabasha Gillford Golden Gophers
1637 Skiba, Mikayla 2340 4th Beef Showmanship Participant Isanti Independent
2783 Ludwig, Madelyn 4001 Purple 1st Beef Showmanship Callback, Fifth place Senior Market Beef Showperson, Reserve Champion Black Angus Steer Meeker Valley Victors
3507 Reese, Cole 5008 Purple 1st Champion Black Angus Steer, Interview Finalist Stevens Hodges
3754 Fitzgerald, Katie 5350 5th Goodhue Cherry Grove Busy Gophers
4135 Reed, Mhina 5946 6th Beef Showmanship Participant Kandiyohi Independent
4548 Loncorich, Olivia 6590 5th Beef Showmanship Participant McLeod Otter Lake Royal Juniors
4652 Ford, Taylor 6732 3rd Beef Showmanship Callback Murray Cameron