2019 4-H at the Minnesota State Fair

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Exhibitor # Exhibitor Name Entry # Description Ribbon Placing Awards County Club
Static / Club Banner / Club Banner
3 4-H Club, Wykeham Willing Workers 120 Blue banner with gears Red Todd
5 4-H Club, West Union Country Kids 121 Picture of car and license plate Purple Todd
4 4-H Club, Saratoga Challengers 551 Spark Your Inner Light with 4-H Purple Winona
357 4-H Club, Lewiston Helping Hands & Hearts 552 Get Connected with 4-H Purple Winona
358 4-H Club, North Stars 803 Banner - Gum Ball machine 3-D image Purple Chisago North Stars
359 4-H Club, Chisago Northern Lights 805 Banner - Tree Branches - 3-D image Blue Chisago Chisago Northern Lights
360 4-H Club, 4Ever 4-H Club 809 Gates to 4-H are always open! Blue Mahnomen
361 4-H Club, Warsaw Willing Workers 1042 Warsaw Willing Workers Blue Rice
362 4-H Club, Wheatland Wheaties 1043 Blue Rice
363 4-H Club, Home Explorers 1125 Black Home Explorers banner "We've got the Write Stuff" with writing utensils 3D. Purple Sherburne
364 4-H Club, Happy Hoofbeats 1133 Blue banner with 3D globe Purple Sherburne
365 4-H Club, Clay County Coyotes 1160 Red Clay
366 4-H Club, Creative Clovers 1161 Blue Clay
367 4-H Club, Two River 1176 Light Blue W/Black Letter :4-H for any season". Snowflakes, umbrella, sunflower and leaves. Clover in the middle Blue Kittson Two River
368 4-H Club, Halma Ideal 1229 Banner; Black and Green letter "4-H Discover the Possibilities" open book w/multi colored butterflies Blue Kittson Halma Ideal
931 4-H Club, Happy Ramblers 1344 Discover the Treasure of 4-H Purple Wabasha
932 4-H Club, Eager Beavers 1431 There is no place like 4-H (Wizard of Oz Theme); dark blue felt banner Red Big Stone Eager Beavers
933 4-H Club, Odessa Jolly Workers 1433 There's a slice for everyone in 4-H Red Big Stone Odessa Jolly Workers
934 4-H Club, Burr Oak Beavers 1450 Future Leaders Under Construction Blue Olmsted Burr Oak Beavers
935 4-H Club, Riverside 1551 Black banner titled "County Fair Time Riverside 4-H " Blue Faribault
936 4-H Club, Lucky Clovers 1557 white banner titled "4-H was green before green was cool!" Blue Faribault
937 4-H Club, Credit River Comets 1562 Blue Background with Tree, "4-H is green because we work as a team" Blue Scott
938 4-H Club, Shakopee Super Seekers 1566 Green banner with "Learners, Future Leaders" Blue Scott
1153 4-H Club, Villlard Livewires 1658 Multi-color club banner - learning by doing - meeting, hosting, creating, giving, growing Purple Pope Villard Livewires
1152 4-H Club, Lakes Area Leaders 1659 "Get your feet wet with the Lakes Area Leaders" - 2 sided banner Purple Pope Lakes Area Leaders
1165 4-H Club, Pine to Prairie 1867 Dark grey with 2 ducks in a tub. "Rub a Dub Dub Join A 4-H Club" Blue Polk
1166 4-H Club, North Star 4-H Club 1872 light blue banner with shaker and clovers "spice up your life with 4-H" Blue Polk
1154 4-H Club, Oshkosh Wide Awakes 2145 Future Leaders Under Construction Red Yellow Medicine
1155 4-H Club, Baytree-field 2165 4-H Moo's Us - Animals Moving Toward a Barn Red St. Louis - North
1164 4-H Club, Garnes Go Getters 2249 Garnes Go Getters 4-H Club Banner "No Mystery Red Lake County has 100 years of history" Purple Red Lake
1156 4-H Club, Huot Hustlers 2258 Red Lake County 4-H Est. 1919 Purple Red Lake
1157 4-H Club, New Horizons 2392 Gnome-matter what you do, 4-H has a place for you. Red Blue Earth
1158 4-H Club, Riverside 2569 Riverside 4-H Club Banner; Set Sail for Sucess Blue Marshall Riverside
1159 4-H Club, Viking Volcanoes 2571 Viking Volcanoes 4-H Club; Unlease the Super in You! Purple Marshall
1160 4-H Club, 4-Corners 2705 "Baking up Success with 4-H." Red Wadena
1162 4-H Club, Denver Go Getters 2910 Red Rock
1161 4-H Club, Blue Ribbon 2915 Red Rock
1163 4-H Club, Daggett Brook 3039 Light blue banner that says "4-H is how we roll" and has round bales and a tractor on a green hill Red Crow Wing
2135 4-H Club, Baxter Sandpipers 3049 Black banner that says "Proud to be a 4-Her" in white lettering and "Some people wish it will happen. Some people wait for it to happen. We make it happen" in black lettering on green and white striped flag. Red Crow Wing
2136 4-H Club, Prairie Grangers 3063 Find Your Element Club Banner Blue Pipestone
2137 4-H Club, Knife River Ramblers 3073 "Let the real you show in 4-H" on stand with cut-out for faces Blue Kanabec
2138 4-H Club, Kanabec County Sharpshooters 3076 "Pop into 4-H" designed to look like a popcorn container with popcorn at top. Blue Kanabec
2139 4-H Club, Night Stars 3096 4-H Was Green Before Green Was Cool banner with a tree and clovers Red Pine
2142 4-H Club, Sunnyside 3098 "Any Way You Cut It 4-H Is Top Choice" Sunnyside Banner with a cow with the "cuts" being project areas. Blue Pine
2192 4-H Club, Dandy Linos 3118 Golf theme Blue Anoka Dandy Linos
2195 4-H Club, Cheerful Chuggers 3119 Mailbox Red Anoka Cheerful Chuggers
2193 4-H Club, Champlin Champs 3123 Burlap banner with green text that says "4-H the Club of Champions" and then Champlin Champs also in green underneath the title. Blue Hennepin
2194 4-H Club, Koronis Eager Beavers 3254 Club Banner - Dark blue banner with coffee mug filled with colored pencils - "Get Drawn into 4-H" Blue Meeker
2196 4-H Club, St. Pat's Club 3257 Club Banner - Taco Bout 4-H - Nacho Average Party - green banner Purple Benton
2198 4-H Club, Freeland Telestars 3324 Cockle do to doo, 4-H is for you Red Lac qui Parle Freeland Telestars