2019 4-H at the Minnesota State Fair

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Exhibitor # Exhibitor Name Entry # Description Ribbon Placing Awards County Club
Beef / Breeding Heifer / A041004: Beef - South Devon, Registered Junior Yearling
2960 Mitchell, Alyssa 4251 1st Beef Showmanship Participant, Champion South Devon Heifer Becker Happy Hillside
Beef / Breeding Heifer / A041006: Beef - Red Angus, Registered Spring Calf
444 Ulrich, Ashley 626 2nd Blue Earth
446 Ulrich, Krystal 1236 Purple 1st Reserve Champion Red Angus Heifer Blue Earth Amboy Area Adventurers
4158 Ryan, Lincoln 5977 3rd Beef Showmanship Participant Goodhue Belle Creek Peppy Peppers
Beef / Breeding Heifer / A041007: Beef - Red Angus, Registered Fall Calf
1042 Faulhaber, Hannah 1487 1st Beef Showmanship Callback Olmsted Nu Dimensions
4034 Behm, Jaxon 5771 2nd Kandiyohi Active Acres
Beef / Breeding Heifer / A041009: Beef - Red Angus, Registered Junior Yearling
214 Calteaux, Brooke 311 2nd Beef Showmanship Participant Winona
355 Bjorklund, Leland 526 3rd Beef Showmanship Callback Otter Tail - West
1010 Klinkner, Jaxen 1429 3rd Faribault Elmore Soaring Eagles
1411 Rahto, Maren 2011 7th Crow Wing Cloverleaf
1636 Skiba, Bryce 2339 5th Beef Showmanship Participant Isanti Independent
1638 Skiba, Nathan 2341 4th Beef Showmanship Participant Isanti Independent
1709 Broadwater, Kassidy 2466 2nd Beef Showmanship Callback Fillmore Carimona Cruisers
1785 Lind, Hans 2578 Purple 1st Beef Showmanship Callback, Champion Red Angus Heifer Fillmore Independent
1978 Schuler, Stella 2835 1st Beef Showmanship Participant Chippewa Granite Go Getters
2883 Terning, Dayna 4157 4th Interview Finalist Meeker Dassel Lamplighters
3220 Borgschatz, Alexis 4624 6th Goodhue Golden Gophers
Beef / Breeding Heifer / A041010: Beef - Red Angus, Registered Senior Yearling
4036 Behm, Johnathon 5774 1st Kandiyohi Active Acres
Beef / Breeding Heifer / A041011: Beef - Hereford, Registered Spring Calf
1591 Kruse, Erin 2270 1st Isanti Wild River Pioneers
2935 Eckert, Reid 4224 2nd Becker Wild Things 4-H
Beef / Breeding Heifer / A041012: Beef - Hereford, Registered Fall Calf
2823 Polzin, Brooke 4050 Purple 1st Beef Showmanship Participant Meeker Litchfield Satellites
Beef / Breeding Heifer / A041013: Beef - Hereford, Registered Summer Yearling
174 Thompson, Brady 258 1st Beef Showmanship Participant Sherburne
Beef / Breeding Heifer / A041014: Beef - Hereford, Registered Junior Yearling
983 Enger, Logan 1397 6th Beef Showmanship Participant Faribault Riverside
1122 Perrotti, Hannah 1603 5th Beef Showmanship Participant Olmsted Salem Sailors
1215 Anderson, Lily 1729 3rd Beef Showmanship Participant Pope Trails & Tails
1280 Schlueter, Grace 1826 2nd Champion Beef Heifer Showperson Senior Division Waseca Janesville Jacks & Jills
1859 Tut, Tar 2683 Purple 1st Beef Showmanship Callback, Reserve Champion Hereford Heifer Fillmore Big Woods
1879 Lacek, Tyler 2709 2nd Lincoln Lake Stay
2002 Kruse, Karly 2863 4th Beef Showmanship Callback Rock Livewires 4-H Club
2003 Kruse, Leah 2864 3rd Beef Showmanship Callback Rock Livewires 4-H Club
2065 Jones, Walter 2945 7th Roseau Grygla Go Getters
2654 Geislinger, Brooke 3807 9th Beef Showmanship Participant Meeker Valley Victors
2916 Green, Paige 4205 6th Beef Showmanship Participant Brown Comfrey Comets
2936 Eckert, Riyan 4225 3rd Beef Showmanship Participant Becker Wild Things 4-H
3176 Lawrence, Wyatt 4555 Purple 1st Beef Showmanship Callback, Interview Finalist Mille Lacs Independent-
3177 Lawrence, Wynn 4556 4th Beef Showmanship Participant Mille Lacs Silver Lakers
3578 Donnelly, Jack 5101 Purple 1st Beef Showmanship Participant, Champion Hereford Heifer Dakota Hampton B&B 4-H Club
4007 Moening, Christine 5740 2nd Fifth place Senior Breeding Heifer Showperson Dakota Chub Lake Beavers 4-H Club
4369 Heins, Joey 6335 8th Beef Showmanship Participant, Interview Finalist Carver Carver Coyotes
4862 Carlson, Julia 7057 5th Beef Showmanship Participant Swift Dublin Victory
Beef / Breeding Heifer / A041016: Beef - Black Angus, Registered Spring Calf
3352 Wagner, Madeline 4792 1st Beef Showmanship Callback Nobles Grand Prairie Rockets
Beef / Breeding Heifer / A041018: Beef - Black Angus, Registered Summer Yearling
759 Brand, Thomas 1085 5th Beef Showmanship Participant Wabasha West Albany Winners
1456 Scharpe, Dylan 2084 Purple 1st Sibley High Island Clovers
2665 Larson, Trinity 3827 3rd Watonwan Fieldon Rustlers
2879 Sullivan, Wyatt 4152 4th Beef Showmanship Participant Dodge Canisteo Young Farmers
2912 Hauger, Caleb 4200 2nd Beef Showmanship Participant, Interview Finalist Brown Burnstown/Brookville
Beef / Breeding Heifer / A041019: Beef - Black Angus, Registered Junior Yearling
766 Goihl, William 1097 5th Wabasha Gillford Golden Gophers
999 Hassing, David 1416 2nd Beef Showmanship Callback, Interview Finalist Faribault Clark CC
1104 Mayer, Caroline 1582 Purple 1st Third place Senior Breeding Heifer Showperson Olmsted Arendahl Hi-Flyers
1171 Lizakowski, Jayce 1663 8th Beef Showmanship Participant Pennington Steiner