2019 4-H at the Minnesota State Fair

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Exhibitor # Exhibitor Name Entry # Description Ribbon Placing Awards County Club
Public Presentations / Livestock Demonstration / Livestock Individual Demonstration
509 Hills, Katherine 712 Demonstrate how to show a rabbit for 4H Red Wright Sunrise
553 Kazin, Erica 767 Demonstration showing how to pick chickens for the fair Blue Wright Willing Workers
660 Schmidt, Isabella 938 Describing in detail how to show a meat breeding doe Red Rice Big Giants
667 Wiebe, Meg 944 How to prepare a goat for show Red Rice Big Giants
693 Kindseth, Alex 988 Nesting box feeders Blue Rice Big Woods
740 Edberg, Ria 1061 Sheep Blue Kanabec Prime Cuts
1002 Jacobsen, Kohl 1419 How to Ultrasound a goat. Speech with an ultrasound machine. Will put the ultrasound on goat but it can not be pregnant (goat will be on stand) Blue Faribault Riverside
1029 Boone, Malarie 1468 Strike a Pose, getting your rabbit ready to show Purple Olmsted Rock Dell Indians
1081 Kuisle, Hannah 1545 poultry anatomy Blue Olmsted Burr Oak Beavers
1083 Jibben, Ernest 1555 Dairy showing and show boxes for the beginner on a budget. Blue Big Stone Clever Clovers
1209 Bice, Bodie 1717 A look into the preparation of market and breeding sheep Blue Waseca Homegrown Explorers
1205 Erickson, Emma 1721 The tools needed and how to process a litter of baby pigs Blue Polk Fertile
1376 Nemitz, Gabrielle 1954 Different cuts of beef and where on the animal they come from Red Yellow Medicine Oshkosh Wide Awakes
1427 Willegal, Jessica 2046 Livestock View Blue Sibley Blazin' West Stars
1509 Krueger, Madison 2160 Breeding a cow Blue Sibley High Island Clovers
1551 Carlson-Hughes, McKayla 2211 Demonstrate how to fit a beef animals tailhead Red Isanti Dalbo Patriots
1613 Smith, Caleb 2302 Rabbit Demonstration: Rabbits as "Emotional Support Animals" Blue Hennepin Hennepin Hoppers 4-H Club
1662 Alsaker, Sydney 2372 This presentation discusses basic facts, care needs and considerations for a pet rabbit and more detailed considerations for a show rabbit. Blue Hennepin Hennepin Hoppers 4-H Club
1671 Boersma, Sydney 2382 Demonstrate what to look for when choosing your lamb for show season. Blue Lincoln Lake Stay
1724 Grabau, Eve 2490 Basic rabbit overview Blue Fillmore Independent
1989 Honken, Andrea 2848 Description of a cow's stomach and what a DA is and three ways it is treated Red Rock Livewires 4-H Club
2323 Streich, Hannah 3302 How to ensure your rabbit is healthy and happy. Blue Lac qui Parle Hantho Headliners
2329 Streich, Lily 3309 Supplies/equipment needed for raising a rabbit. Red Lac qui Parle Hantho Headliners
2433 Culley, Hannah 3444 Rabbit demonstration Purple Stearns Albany Southsiders
2728 Pierson, Ryan 3919 Dairy Red Watonwan Speedway Builders
2742 Pierson, Seth 3935 Dairy Blue Watonwan Speedway Builders
2863 Shoutz, Laura 4130 Demonstration about rabbit tattoo process; 1 rabbit used with handling assistant Purple Meeker Forest City Livewires
2898 Yanish, Gabriel 4182 Bunny handling Red Meeker Forest City Livewires
3122 Grimm, Abby 4483 Artificial Insemination in Dairy cattle will go through the process of breeding, heat detection, etc. Blue Mille Lacs Garfield Climbers
3145 Hagans, Sage 4514 Demonstration of judging Satins Blue Hennepin Hennepin Hoppers 4-H Club
3204 Lanoue, Mary 4595 Training needed to work with pig and teach them to sit. Blue Lyon Lake Marshall Eagles
3293 Klaseus, Noah 4717 Showing how to do a nose print, tattoo, ear tag Blue Nicollet Norseland
3353 White, Faith 4793 Shearing Alpacas Blue Nobles Graham Lakes Braves
3384 Willert, Kestlyn 4828 Demonstrating how to judge a market animal for finish as it grows from prospect to fat steer Purple Lyon Coon Creek Cheerful Workers
3454 Mortenson, Cowan 4921 Beef Fit - fitting beef cattle Red Stevens Horton
3492 Drees, Lydia 4981 Chicken Showmanship Handling Blue Mower Enterprise 4-H Club
3580 Wilts, Kellie 5107 Explain what ringworm is and how to treat Blue Stevens Rendsville
3771 VanPelt, Ryan 5377 Caring for baby lambs in their first stage of life Purple Mower Enterprise 4-H Club
4035 Schlosser, Mikayla 5773 Poultry - Preparing birds for show Blue Carver Watertown Willing Workers
4064 Radman, Katelyn 5830 Teaching a sheep how to lead by halter Red Dakota
4177 Trost, Josiah 6009 Making a chicken feeder out of a 5-gallon bucket and tray. Red Dakota Top Notchers 4-H Club
4195 Thompson, Micah 6039 How to tattoo a rabbit with a ink pen, includes preparation and clean up. Blue Kandiyohi Little Crow
4315 Vinkemeier, Cadee 6230 Labor and delivery of a dairy cow Red Carver Independent
4592 Fisher, Elizabeth 6648 Describing & demonstrating the 8 point health check on a rabbit, explaining why, where, how, etc. Red Martin Galena 4-H Club
4712 Samuelson, Mckenna 6827 Getting a goat ready to show from picking a goat out. Blue Murray Slayton Shooting Stars
4950 Carlson, William 7166 giving injections and vaccinations White Houston Lazy Lopers
5052 Sommer, Brenna 7279 Clipping your lamb Blue Steele Straight River Stars
2156 Weinkauf, Jaden 7501 Livestock demonstration - Digestive system of a beef heifer Blue Pipestone
Public Presentations / Livestock Demonstration / Livestock Team Demonstration
11 Converse, Colton 13 Explain how to show a sheep in the showmanship ring. Red Cass
13 Converse, Dustin 15 Explain how to show a sheep in the showmanship ring. Red Cass