2023 4-H at the Minnesota State Fair

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Exhibitor # Exhibitor Name Entry # Description Ribbon Placing Awards County Club
Static / Veterinary Science / Veterinary Science - Grades 6-8
430 Shaleen, Lillie 516 Poster board with pictures. REd paper behind information, EPM for equine. Blue Rice Big Giants
704 Delaney, Lylli 941 Project board - Hearts and Hooves Blue Sherburne Trail Blazers
869 Kelly, Teagan 1196 Poster on rabbit myxomatosis - green (light and dark) background on photos/words Blue Stearns Breezy Pines
885 Alvord, Leah 1220 exhibit on livestock tagging, trifold board Blue Stearns Albany Southsiders
1098 Black, Julia 1598 Poster board with explanation of listeriosis in goats Red Kanabec Canter Club
1267 Bigalk, Lila 1848 What is the importance of sire selection in a beef operation poster board Purple Wabasha Happy Ramblers
1382 Bauschke, Vivian 2006 Binder covering the Leptospirosis infection Blue Scott Shakopee Super Seekers
1901 Larson, Lucia 2731 3-D display board describing what a horse hoof abscess is and how to treat it. Blue Isanti Undecided - please contact me - Isanti County
2182 Rahm, Marnie 3168 Calf scours poster trifold Blue Benton Cornerstone Clovers
2694 Welter, Addison 3944 Pig treats poster board Blue Becker Busy Bees
2792 Frederickson , Natalia 4036 4D cat, orange on one side, clear on other so you can see the insides, paper with description of cat. Blue Brown Milford
3633 Inman, Abigale 5298 Posterboard on vet science on wobbler disease. Blue Dakota Happy Go Getters 4-H Club
3846 Hjelmen, Addison 5727 Vet Science sore mouth board and binder Blue Steele Merry Lane
4195 Radil, Ethan 6204 Black tri-fold board about "avian influenza" Red Douglas Liberty Livewires
Static / Veterinary Science / Veterinary Science - Grades 9+
329 Myers, Alexis 365 learning and doing the process of castrating. Blue Waseca Riverside Ramblers
655 Sargent, Kieya 871 Binder with information regarding livestock gestation and birth Purple Wright FarSide 4-Hers
957 Pierson, Ryan 1337 Lactation cycle. Black/pink trifold poster. Blue Watonwan Speedway Builders
1210 Olson, Anika 1763 Presentation on vaccinations for cats. Purple Big Stone Eager Beavers
1259 Olson, Thea 1839 Animal Diseases Blue Otter Tail - West Grove Lake 4-H
1515 Kuisle, Emma 2181 Tri-fold poster board describing process of artificial insemination of dairy cattle Blue Olmsted Burr Oak Beavers
1728 Beer, Autumn 2508 Veterinary science for horses Blue Fillmore Harmony Helping Hands
1736 Gloege, Lexi 2518 Ketosis in goats Blue Lac qui Parle North Stars
1829 Wilson, Taylor 2637 Gunnar Red Kittson North Star
1894 Dockter, Zoey 2718 Poster about subcutaneous and intramuscular injections. black, red, blue Red Lac qui Parle North Stars
2183 Rahm, Maya 3170 Mad cow disease in cattle poster trifold Purple Benton Cornerstone Clovers
2898 Behl, Abigail 4122 1/2" white binder talking about e-coli in turkeys Blue Kandiyohi St. Johns Roadrunners
3088 Kerfeld, Maren 4404 tri-fold poster on cria prematurity Purple Carver Sugar City
3101 Lane, Maddie 4423 tri-fold poster board on Eperythrozoon - a blood-borne parasite in llamas. Blue Carver Sugar City
3229 Floden, Jasmine 4611 White binder - Ichthyosis in dogs Blue Grant Redwood
3692 Gave, Kayla 5372 Poster on Equine Nutrition Blue Mille Lacs Fiber Alliance
3708 Smith, Caleb 5394 RHDV2 Vet Science Research Study Blue Hennepin Hennepin Hoppers 4-H Club
4200 Bayerl, Grace 6209 How to raise a productive show goat trifold Blue McLeod Winsted Jolly Juniors