2023 4-H at the Minnesota State Fair

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Exhibitor # Exhibitor Name Entry # Description Ribbon Placing Awards County Club
Static / Exploring Animals / Exploring Animals - Grades 6-8
104 Kuklok, Natalee 54 EMU cave booklet explaining details needed for ownership Purple Morrison Scandia Firebirds
167 Shingledecker, Logan 152 poster on All About Chickens Red Wadena Wadena Juniors 4-H Club
867 Burg, Avery 1194 Black foam board about flamingos Red Stearns Sauk Valley
1501 Nielsen, Celia 2165 Ducks vs. Geese booklet Blue Scott Belle Plaine 4-H
1573 Latzke, Alex 2261 Pangolin information board Blue Sibley Rush River Rushers
1705 Boelter, Lynnlee 2482 Board and Binder on foods to not feed your animals Red Fillmore Root River Rabbits
2091 Gramke, Katie 3040 Getting a dog booklet Blue Benton Cornerstone Clovers
2366 Olson-Stoltenberg, Aubrey 3409 Training a chicken to walk on a leash in addition to designing a harness and leash that would work for that purpose. Red St. Louis - North Baytree - Field 4-H Club
2397 Dobratz, Arewen 3445 Showing ducks on poster Blue Otter Tail - East Country Bumpkins
2444 Hendrickx, Jana 3535 Spiral bound booklet comparing Dairy vs Beef Cattle Red Otter Tail - East Butler 4-H
3043 Intihar, Daryl 4348 Tri-fold poster board, in-depth description/information about llamas Blue Carver Sugar City
3309 Hedeen, Sylvia 4812 Poster about Guinea Pig Blue Goodhue Aspelund Ever-Readies
3170 Betcher, Haley 4967 Horse - parts of a hoof, hoof problems, hoof care, and reasons to shoe. Also includes what a hoof is. Blue Goodhue
3555 Cripe, Allison 5176 Trifold poster on 'snuffles' in rabbits. Blue Dakota Empire Rockets 4-H Club
3601 Howe, Kayla 5237 All essential items needed to prepare for a rabbit show Blue Stevens Lake Hattie
3612 Strandberg, Mara 5253 Exploring animals - 3 fold poster board of Australian Animals Red Renville Trailblazers
3709 Wagner, Cooper 5396 3-sided display on spiders Blue Dakota Happy Go Getters 4-H Club
3921 Schultz, Colin 5817 A poster about how to certify your dog for breeding. Blue Steele Pratt Commandoes
4191 Klimek, Lilly 6198 trifold poster black w/neon backing "now to keep your rabbit happy". Blue Douglas Chippewans
4197 Rooney, Tahlia 6206 Trifolo dog care display Red Douglas Lake Mary Troopers
4229 Eggert, Lily 6253 Hamster poster Red McLeod Bergen Busy Bees
Static / Exploring Animals / Exploring Animals - Grades 9+
80 Becker, Antonio 30 Breeding Pigeons - banding, set up, sexing squabs, male & female paring, diet, gestation, tips for banding Blue Morrison Ripley Fireballs 4-H Club
278 Ellsworth, Addrianna 290 Poster of poultry pests and remedy Blue Winona Little Valley Victors
589 Torstveit, Rylan 759 Ratite trifold display Blue Pennington Sanders
1062 Pust, Helen 1532 Book on Equine Hydrotherapy Blue Chisago Independent - Chisago County
1570 Lagerwall, Faith 2259 Tri fold of Sumatra Chickens Blue Sibley Blazin' West Stars
2176 Peltz, Alex 3161 Tri fold of different dairy goat breeds Blue Benton Snappy Elmdalers 4-H Club
2214 Till, Maria 3221 Binder about rabbit nutrition Blue Olmsted Salem Sailors
3227 Floden, Brielle 4609 Ethiopian wolf poster Red Grant Redwood
3991 Sandstrom, Ruth 5908 Trifold Poster with photos demonstrating how to ferment chicken feed. Blue Carlton Esko Cloverleaf